Woman flashes 'White Privilege Card' at cop to get out of speeding ticket & posts smiling selfie, sparking police probe | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how she got out of a speeding ticket after flashing her 'White Privilege Card' at a cop.

Mimi Israelah claims she avoided receiving a traffic violation despite being pulled over for weaving as she drove through Anchorage, Alaska.

She was driving to a pizzeria after attending Trump's political rally on July 9 when police signalled for her to stop.

But as she couldn't find her driving license, she says she instead pulled out her 'White Privilege Card' for the officers.

Mimi wrote in an online post: "When I saw my White Privilege card, I gave to him if it’s ok.

"He laughed and called his partner. It’s their first time to see a White Privileged [sic] card."


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She explained the card had the message "White Privilege Card Trumps Everything" written on it.

Mimi added: "White Privilege Card works as a Driver’s License! Always keep one in your wallet."

She even shared a smiling selfie of her brandishing the bizarre card while posing next to one of the cops.

The amused officers are then said to have laughed off their earlier concern about Mimi's driving and she claims they let her go on her way.

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She says she did not receive a fine following the encounter, although it is not known if any further action has been taken by police.

The police department have now launched an investigation into the incident and the officers' response to it.

Anchorage police spokesperson Sunny Guerin said: “Per the municipal attorney’s office we are unable to answer these questions as the incident is currently under investigation and it relates to personnel matters."

The officers involved in the incident were served a notice of investigation, according to reports.

Jeremy Conkling, an Anchorage police sergeant and president of the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association, said of the incident: "There’s always more to the story than a photograph tells.

"I look forward to these officers having their chance to explain to the department, sort of what their thoughts were, what their intent was, because they’re the only ones who can speak to that."

Anchorage Police Chief Michael Kerle added in a statement: "I want to personally address the community to provide some clarity regarding our internal standards of conduct and ensure that it is clear to Anchorage citizens what the expectations of APD employees are and how we interact with our community.

"As law enforcement professionals, we are held accountable for our actions, and I am aware that the action of one officer can impact the trust between the police force and our community.

"Our mission is to protect and serve our community in the most professional and compassionate manner possible.

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"Our vision is to create an environment where everyone matters."

The Sun has contacted the Anchorage Police Department for comment.

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