Woman gives flight passenger foot massage disgusting travellers

Just plane wrong! Toe-curling moment a woman gives another passenger a foot massage leaving fellow travellers ‘disgusted’

  • Shocking footage shows a woman in a face mask rubbing a man’s foot on a plane
  • The video was taken by Mexican photographer Dante and shared on Instagram
  • One commenter wrote ‘This is sixteen different flavours of “Oh HELL, no!”‘

Plane passengers were left shocked after a woman was spotted giving a man a foot massage during a flight.

A ‘disgusting’ video of the intimate act shared on social media left viewers reaching for a sick bag.

The footage shared yesterday appears to have been taken recently, with passengers wearing coronavirus face masks. 

It was originally taken by Mexican photographer Dante and later shared by Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

Plane passengers were left shocked after a couple were spotted by Mexican photographer Dante giving each other a foot massage during a flight

The a woman wearing a large ring and bracelets runs her hands up and down the man’s foot while wearing a coronavirus face mask

In the video, a woman wearing a large ring and bracelets runs her hands up and down the man’s foot.

She massages his toes with her fingers while chewing something behind her face mask.

The woman continues to run her hand up and down the man’s foot as the plane prepares for take off. 

The video was shared on the Passenger Shaming Instagram account started by Shawn Kathleen, a former flight attendant from Columbus, Ohio, and people have left comments expressing their disgust.

One wrote on Facebook: ‘What IS it with people and their FEET?? It would be great if they could keep the foot-fetishism at home.’

Another said: ‘Why? Why can’t this simply become a rule? Shoes stay on & no personal grooming for sanitary reasons.’

And another commented: ‘This is sixteen different flavours of “Oh HELL, no!” and at least twelve aggravated degrees of “I Can’t Even”.

‘That almost makes me shudder more than if they’d been filmed together under the same undulating blanket… Blegh!’

The shocking behaviour is not the first time this has happened this year, with a woman spotted cutting her son’s toe nails onboard a flight in February.

An image, shared to Instagram by user Sean Sweeney, from Pittsburgh, shows the young boy sitting on the lap of a woman, believed to be his mother while she clips his nails next to another passenger.

Frequent flyer Sean shared the image to his Instagram page, which is dedicated to pictures of his travels.


A photo of a woman cutting a toddler’s toenails on a busy passenger flight has caused outrage online

He wrote ‘Why this lady clipping her toddler’s toenails on the plane? #backofthebus #passengershaming @passengershaming’.

In January, an inconsiderate airline passenger sparked outrage online after stretching their bare foot along the armrest of the young passenger sitting in front of them.   

Footage posted to Passenger Shaming showed a close-up of the foot lying on an armrest. 

Footage posted to an Instagram account dedicated to revealing passengers’ antisocial behaviour shows a close-up of the foot lying on an armrest

The camera then pans to the right and shows a teenage boy staring furiously ahead as the leg is stretched alongside his seat.

The unidentified passenger managed to wedge their foot between the window of the plane and the side of the boy’s seat.

Passengers have also posted videos of fellow flyers being caught in the act watching porn on their devices, with one man attempting to hide his screen, only to have the reflection appear on the window. 

Other shocking behaviour has included passengers on long-haul flights getting changed in front of others and sleeping on the floor or against the wall with their feet up.

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