Woman hangs knickers outside Christopher Chope’s office

‘No one should be able to photograph my pants unless I want them to’: Furious woman hangs her knickers outside shamed Tory MP Christopher Chope’s office after he blocks Bill criminalising upskirting

  • Tory MP objected to a Bill to make it a crime to photograph up a person’s skirt
  • Lorna Rees hung a homemade knicker bunting outside Sir Christopher’s office 
  • She staged the protest to vent her anger at the move in the Commons on Friday

A furious woman has hung up a string of knickers outside the offices of shamed Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope in protest at his moves to block a Bill criminalising upskirting.

The Tory MP, 71, sparked widespread fury after he intervened to stop a law which would make it a specific crime to photo up a woman’s skirt.

Theresa May joined campaigners and Labour MPs in publicly condemning her backbencher after he stopped the Bill in its tracks in the House of Commons on Friday.

And Lorna Rees, who lives in Sir Christopher’s constituency of Christchurch in Dorset, vented her anger at him by draping home-made knicker bunting outside his door.

Across the pants were the words: ‘No one should photo my pants unless I want them to’.

Tweeting an image of the protest, Ms Rees said: ‘I’ve left this outside his constituency office today – I’m so disgusted by his behaviour. #knickerstochope bunting ‘no one should be able to photo my pants unless I want them to’.’

And Lorna Rees, who lives in Sir Christopher’s constituency of Christchurch in Dorset, vented her anger at him by draping home-made knicker bunting outside his door.

Sir Christopher Chope (pictured in the Commons yesterday) shouted ‘object’ when the draft law was raised in the Commons yesterday, slamming the brakes on the attempt


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In another post, she added: ‘Am so cross. And thought this was perhaps the best way to address it….’

Her protest won plaudits from other Twitter users who said it was an ‘excellent’ way to show the MP how fed up his constituents are.

John Grindrod wrote: ‘Brilliant work from my mate (and Christchurch resident) Lorna.’  

How was the ban on upskirting blocked?  

Tory Sir Christopher Chope was able to block the proposed ban on upskirting with a single word yesterday.

Because the change in the law was being introduced from the backbenches and not by the Government, it can only be debated on a Friday and must take its place in a queue.

The draft legislation yesterday was eighth in the queue – meaning it was never going to be debated in full.

MPs had a chance to wave it over its first Parliamentary hurdle without debate – but because there was no debate any MP can shout ‘object’ to stop this happening.

This is what Sir Christopher did yesterday.  

Another Twitter user called Martin wrote ‘this is absolutely brilliant’ while George Dukesh hailed the protest as ‘excellent’. 

It comes after Sir Christopher was branded shameful by campaigners and politicians for deifying the consensus in Parliament and objecting to the Bill.

Campaigner Gina Martin, 26, who has been fighting for a change in the law after she became a victim at a festival last July, said she was ‘disappointed and extremely upset’ at the move.  

Mrs May – Britain’s second female Prime Minister – publicly vented her nager at Sir Christopher too.

She tweeted: ‘Upskirting is an invasion of privacy which leaves victims feeling degraded and distressed.

‘I am disappointed the Bill didn’t make progress in the Commons today, and I want to see these measures pass through Parliament – with Government support – soon.’ 

The phrase ‘choping’ and the hashtag ‘#dontbeachope’ were used thousands of times on social media –  referring to Sir Christopher’s  record of routinely blocking Private Members Bills on a matter of principle – regardless of their subject matter. 

The Tory MP has voted against every single one of the 10 gay rights bills put forward since 1998.

Twitter users backed Lorna Rees’ protest outside Sir Christopher Chope’s constituency office in Christchurch in Dorset

Another Twitter user said the creative protest – which comes days after the Tory MP intervened to block the Bill – was ‘brilliant’

And he hit headlines for making an eleventh hour objection to a debate on the Hillsborough disaster – which killed 96 people.

In 2013 he also blocked a posthumous pardon for Alan Turing, who cracked the ‘Enigma Code’ and helped Britain win the Second World War, for his 1952 conviction for being gay.

Justice Minister Lucy Frazer yesterday insisted the law would be changed as Tory MPs reacted with horror to their colleague’s obstruction.

Tory MP Bob Neill wrote to the Prime Minister demanding the Government to make time to pass the new law. 

Senior Tory Tom Tughendhat said it was ‘shaming’ for the party while Business Minister Margot James insisted the Government was determined to defy Sir Christopher and change the law. 

Former minister Nick Boles attacked Sir Christopher as an MP ‘whose knuckles drag along the ground’. 

The draft law came forward after Liberal Democrat Wera Hobhouse was backed by the Ministry of Justice to try and deliver it from the backbenches. 


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