Woman launches profane tirade at Harlem Key Food over return policy

Clearly, she does not have a “rye” sense of humor.

A woman launched into a profanity-laced tirade at a Harlem Key Food store — all because she couldn’t return a loaf of bread during the coronavirus crisis, new video shows.

The clip, obtained by Newsflare and taken on May 18, shows the enraged woman — whose surgical mask is pushed down — railing at the female cashier.

“You ain’t bad, b—h!” the customer repeatedly shouted. “I’m telling you, shorty, you’re not bad!”

“Go step outside!” she yelled, as a man bagging packages gently tried to push her back with one arm.

“You’re not taking no bread, I’m leaving out with my money so y’all can call the police!” she declared before the video ended.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the woman left with any money, or whether cops were called.

“She was mad she wouldn’t get a refund for a food item during a pandemic,” the person who filmed the video told Newsflare. “[There are] signs and displays stating that [which] are posted on the entrance and throughout the store.”

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