Woman ‘sacked for getting Covid jab’ claims boss said it was against God’s wish

A church worker claims she was sacked after she got her Covid jab because her boss said it was "against God's wishes".

Lainie Chait is now taking legal action against the Church of Ubuntu after she was let go in October.

The spiritual home and wellness clinic promotes and sells alternative health remedies, describing vaccine obligations "medical apartheid".

Ms Chait, who was working at the Australian organisation, said she lost her job after some members discovered she had got her vaccine, The Sun reports.

In a letter obtained by news.com.au, the church claimed the woman's decision to get jabbed was "contrary… to what is required of us by our Lord God and Creator".

The letter, which outlined the worker's termination, slammed the New South Wales government's "enforced medical apartheid" and "highly disproportionate response" to the pandemic.

The organisation added that "no committee members or full members can be accepted if they consciously choose" to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Ms Chait, from Byron Bay, said she was shocked to find out she was being let go from the church and that she supported freedom of choice in healthcare decisions.

Speaking to ABC News, she said: "For the past 25 years I've been going 'I don't want, I don't need the Western approach', but in this particular scenario I did."

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The church has been accused by Ms Chait as holding double standards by choosing to serve jabbed customers in its wellness centres but refusing to employ vaccinated workers.

Ms Chait said: "It seems extremely hypocritical and I think there are a lot of people in the wellness industry that are hypocrites.

"A lot of the customers that come to them are vaccinated, so why are you still serving customers that are vaccinated and not employing people that are vaccinated?

"That part I don’t get, and that’s the hypocrisy that p****s me off the most."

Karen Burge, the church’s vice president, recently posted on her Facebook page: “Our children are not lab rats."

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In another post, she wrote: "Every day I hear stories of adverse reactions and deaths after jabs, so how are we expected to sit back and let them jab our children, especially while it’s still in its experimental stage?"

A spokesperson for the church said Ms Chait can "seek legal remedy if she wishes".

They told news.com.au: “We do not support the NSW state government’s medical apartheid and we view it as unconstitutional and undemocratic and it is contrary to our Church Constitution… and a significant threat to this country maintaining its position as a representative democracy."

The Church of Ubuntu alleges that Ms Chai was offered alternative work with an affiliate but declined.

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