Woman’s clever gag on Tinder goes down like a lead balloon with potential date

You may think a ‘GSOH’ may seem like the sort of attribute everyone wants in a partner – but you’d be wrong.

One Tinder user found out that sometimes some gentle teasing and joking goes down like about as well as a fart at a funeral.

Chloe Lucas was messaging a man she’d matched with, and decided to make a light-hearted gag about her "nickname".

Unfortunately, and judging by the young man’s response, messaging is about as far as their budding relationship got.

It all started off so nicely.

The man asked her if she preferred to be called Chlo or Chloe, to which she said: "Obviously birth name is Chloe, but I prefer being called Chlo…"

"Well what do your friends call you?" he replied.

Here’s where things took a downward turn.

Chloe answered: "Duke of York."

"Wtf why?" responded her baffled potential date.

"Because I’ve had 10 thousand men," she joked.

His charming reply?

"Wow slut."

Chloe told Pretty52 : "Lads say they want a girl with banter then you give it to them, and they don’t know what to do or they take it literally, so I like giving it to them because they get a bit awkward."

She said: "I sent it to my friends because I do it quite often, just have a silly conversation and put it in the group chat and then my friends told me to tweet it and I said no, but they said if I didn’t then they would, so I just did it.

"This is the first time I’ve used that line, it just kind of came to my head but I could easily do a whole thread of awkward conversations with lads, it’s so bad."

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