World War 3: North Korea’s ‘brainwashed’ army of millions ready to die for Kim – EXPOSED

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North Korea has momentarily put its aggressive military rhetoric on the back burners. State media announced earlier this week that the country planned to suspend “military action” having taken the “prevailing situation” into consideration. The country – one of the last surviving dictatorships on the planet – had at the beginning of the month upped its efforts against South Korea.

Some 500,000 leaflets carrying anti-Kim Jong-un leaflets entered the North from the South.

It sparked a reaction from Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, who branded those responsible “human scum”.

She went on to call the South “the enemy” and announced a string of strategic military action against the country.

The first act was cutting the telecommunications line that had been in daily use between Pyongyang and Seoul since 2018.

Then, in an escalation of events, the North blew up a joint liaison office with the South in the border city of Kaesong.

Alarm bells were sent ringing around the world, with fears all out war could occur.

Fears aren’t unjustified as the North holds a sizable missile and rocket arsenal.

It has an estimated 50 nuclear warheads, though is nothing compared to the US’ 6,800, or Russia’s 7,000.

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Kim is reportedly aware that in the event of war, on the ground, US troops are far better equipped and trained than his soldiers.

North Korea is also on the back foot when it comes to airborne war, its fleet consisting of 1,300 Soviet-era warplanes compared to the US’ stealth fighters and other ultra-modern jets.

Many believe that what the North lacks in experience it makes up for in man power.

As journalist Yochi Dreazen explained in a 2018 report for Vox, Kim has a “different kind of weapon: 25million people”.


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In addition to this, the North’s repository of man power includes 1.2million active-duty troops and several million reservists.

Retired South Korean, General In-Bum Chun, explained to Mr Dreazen how dangerous the North’s troops were given their living in a dictatorship.

He said the troops have been “indoctrinated since childhood with the belief that Kim and his family are literal gods whose government must be protected at all costs.”

He continued: “You’re talking about people who have basically been brainwashed their entire lives.

“It would be like what you saw on Okinawa during World War II, where Japanese civilians and soldiers were all willing to fight to the death.

“This would be a hard and bloody war.”

Also taken into serious consideration is the North’s locker full of deadly virus’ and disease.

The country’s arsenal is thought to include smallpox, yellow fever, anthrax, hemorrhagic fever, and even plague.

Andrew Webber, formerly the assistant secretary of defence for nuclear, chemical, and biological defence programmes, told Mr Dreazen the extent to which the North would be willing to use its bio-weaponry to inflict lasting damage.

He said: “We would expect to see cocktails of fast-acting biological agents designed to stop troops in their tracks and regular infectious agents that would take more time to kill people.

“There would be a significant military impact, and a significant psychological one.

“It’s hard to overstate just how frightening these types of weapons are.”

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