Worst Christmas Dinners ever pictured – including baked beans and garlic bread

It’s Christmas and thousands of Brits have been forced from their arm chairs to the dining table for a feast loved ones have slaved over.

Cooking a roast is a labour of love and family members all over the UK are likely to have spent hours in the kitchen.

But the hard reality is, while you may love your Mum's cooking, it’s likely the internet won’t.

From baked beans to garlic bread, pasta and turkey dinosaurs, Daily Star has seen it all – and you’ve put us off our tea.

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Sharing his friend's dinner to Twitter, one user asked his followers to “rate” his mate's plate.

Looking at the image, everything seems normal, pigs in blankets, broccoli, roast potatoes and turkey.

But as furious roast dinner lovers point out, not only is there not any gravy, but there’s garlic bread sitting on the side.

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Needless to say, the food caused a mix reaction, one said: “Your dinner appears to be suffering with anaemia [sic]."

While a second blasted: “What is garlic bread even doing near that plate and the gravy is low quality with no carrots and broccoli looking as sad as rain.”

But a third felt differently, he said: “Yes! Garlic bread! Glad I’m not the only one.”

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In what can only be described as the tragedy of the decade, one posted an image of their Yorkies alongside baked beans and tomato ketchup.

While a second boasted about their beef and chicken with pasta catastrophe.

It was captioned: "Don't get too jealous, my dudes.

"Merry Christmas."

The monstrosity sparked rage from Twitter users who branded the plate "an absolute disgrace to humanity."

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We’re not sure what went on here but one Brit decided to ditch traditional meat entirely and swap it… for turkey dinosaurs.

While a second seemed to combine every good meal ever to create… hell.

The plate includes roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, rice, pizza and what looks to be chicken korma.

One disgusted user said: "I hope you've put yourself up for adoption."

While a second said: "It looks like you threw up on the plate."

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