WW3 fears as crackpot new Iran leader promises nuclear missiles ‘within weeks’

Military experts have warned Iran is just 10 weeks away from having ready-to-fire nuclear missiles.

The Islamic Republic has a major supply of key ingredient enriched uranium, but currently no nuclear warheads.

That could change quickly after Ebrahim Raisi, nicknamed the "butcher of Tehran" for his brutal record of ordering state executions, became the country's new president yesterday.

Though he has used diplomatic language to reassure regional allies, Raisi is expected to accelerate Iran's nuclear program and heighten military opposition to Israel.

The former judge and religious cleric said at his swearing-in ceremony his country would not "back down" from its military expansions in the face of global concern.

Raisi said: "The power of the Islamic Republic in the region brings about security.

"[Iran will meet] threats made by dominating powers and tyrants.

“Foreign pressure and sanctions will not cause the nation of Iran to back down from following up on its legal rights."

Israel's defence minister warned Iran was an aggressive force in the Middle East and could amass nuclear weapons within 10 weeks.

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Benny Ganz told news site Ynet: “Now is the time for deeds — words are not enough. It is time for diplomatic, economic, and even military deeds, otherwise the attacks will continue."

An estimated 100 foreign dignitaries attended the ceremony, including representatives from the EU, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and the Vatican.

Leaders of Middle East terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah were also present.

Tensions frayed last Friday after an Israeli oil tanker was attacked by drones said to have been sent by Iran.

Two crew members were killed in the incident in the Sea of Oman.

A hijack attempt was also made on another Israeli tanker.

Israel, the US and the UK have all accused Iran of being behind the incident, which Iran has denied.

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