You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the snow leopard in less than five seconds – it’s harder than you think | The Sun

IF you can spot the hidden snow leopard in less than five seconds you probably have perfect eyesight.

The big cat has blended perfectly in the snowy mountains – it's harder to see it than you think.

The wintry picture has left internet users baffled – can you spot the hidden animal?

People have been left struggling to find the elusive leopard that has camouflaged itself in its background.

Those who have managed to find the hidden animal should definitely be proud of themselves.

The puzzling picture was shared on Reddit by r/FindTheSniper challenging users to find the leopard.

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The caption read: "Some snow leopards cover themselves in snow for a near-perfect camouflage like this one."

One person shared some advice on how to find it: "It's a lot closer/bigger than you think."

Another one said: "Unbelievable how camouflage it is."

The answer is below.

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