I'm furious that my friend called her baby after me

I’m furious that my friend called her baby after me without asking permission – but people say I’m entitled and don’t own the name

  • Taking to Reddit, the woman from the US said she’d drifted apart from old pal 
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A woman has been branded XX after taking issue with a friend naming her baby after her. 

Taking to the US social media site Reddit’s Am I The A*****e? thread the woman named Mia explained that her friend has named her daughter Amelia. 

But she plans on calling her Mia for short, and it’s not gone down well.

‘I found this odd as my name is Mia,’ the woman said. ‘I felt as if she were naming her child after me and we didn’t feel close enough for that, plus she didn’t even ask. I said something to a mutual friend of ours who told me they also found it odd. 

But Redditors did not rush to Mia’s defence, branding her ‘egotistical’ and were perplexed that she was so bothered considering their lack of closeness.

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Explaining the situation, she began: ‘I had a friend in my early 20s, Melinda. She was always a little odd, but we remained friends for a while. Were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings. 

‘We grew apart over the next decades as our lives took different turns.  We did stay in contact via the odd text and Facebook post. She attended my virtual baby shower back in 2021.’

Recently Melinda has welcomed a baby girl named Amelia, or Mia for short.   

Her friend continued: ‘I didn’t say anything at first. Then I saw Melinda with her husband and the baby at another friend’s party. She was showing me the baby and I half-joked “yeah, my namesake”. 

She gave me an odd look and I said “her name is Mia…I’m Mia”. Melinda said her name was Amelia and Mia was a nickname, while my full name is just Mia. I said I understand, but she still had to have named her after me, saying it was odd but cute.

‘Melinda got a weird look on her face and said “No, we named her after (her husband)‘s mother”. I nodded and she was clearly annoyed. She asked why I assumed I named the baby after her. I said it was just a weird coincidence and seemed like something she would do. 

‘Melinda said: “You’re not important enough for me to name a baby after”. I told her that was rude and she said “So is trying to imply she’s odd because her baby and I have the same name”.

Our mutual friends feel I shouldn’t have brought it up at all. Some feel that in spite of that, she took it too far by saying I’m not important enough. 

Responses were overwhelmingly critical and it was determined that Mia was in fact the a******’, with many finding her entitled for feeling ownership over a popular name.

Redditors branded this woman ‘egotistical’ for taking offence when a non-closer friend named her child after her nickname

One user said: ‘Why do so many people on Reddit think they have some kind of weird ownership of names? You’re not the only Mia. 

‘Mia isn’t even that unusual of a name; it’s like the 8th most common name for a baby girl right now.

‘Spoiler: if a friend picked a name because of you, they’d tell you. That she didn’t, and that you’ve grown apart should be a big indication that it had nothing to do with you.

‘You don’t own the name, so she doesn’t need to be “close enough” to you to decide to use it as a nickname, regardless of the reason.

‘The world does not revolve around you. Why are you upset that she thinks you’re not important enough in her life to name a baby after you when you also think that? 

‘You literally noted that you’re not close enough to each other for that, so you should be glad that she confirmed she feels the same way’.

Another bluntly said: ‘OP has main character syndrome’, and a different user confirmed the ubiquity of the name: ‘My neighbor is Amelia but often gets called Mia as well. It’s not like it’s a super unheard of name, she is being super egotistical about it’.

And a different user joked: ‘I named a cat Mia back in 2000. I think OP was probably named after my cat since she seems to be about the right age based on her behavior’.

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