The Best Screen Protectors for a Smartphone

Today, we are all literally “rooted” to our mobile devices. We use smartphones everywhere, all day around.

The technology of designing gadgets is improving annually. In addition, the cost of the devices is steadily increasing. New devices become more expensive; the cost of repairing a broken phonebecomes higher.

Many of us strive to protect the device from possible breakdowns and defects. So, we present the best ways to protect the mobile screen in this article.

Types of Screen Protection

Modern smartphones are high-tech devices, and this also applies to the level of durability. For example, in the latest Samsung models, the screens are created using Gorilla Glass technology. However, most smartphone users still prefer to use additional protective accessories. This is reasonable because there are situations when the phone can be seriously damaged without a protective coating.

Well, what is a screen protector anyway? The use of protection for the screen is designed to prevent scratches on the screen by various sharp objects and may also bring an effect of protection against destruction. So, there are five best types of phone screen protection one can expect today:

  • PET film;
  • TPU film;
  • Glass;
  • Hydrogel;
  • Anti-glare.

Each type also comes with a specific model range, which differs in functionality, thickness, and other characteristics. Here are 5 screen protectors to consider in more detail.

PET film screen protectors

These products are attractive primarily for their low price: compared to glass, it is cheaper.

At the same time, it practically does not change the appearance of the smartphone in any way, remaining unnoticeable.

The PET film does not interfere with recognition in any way; it happens as quickly and reliably as without it. In addition, it is easy to paste it on a display with curved edges.

Finally, there are variations of the film for “modding” smartphones. The usual PET film is glossy. But you can paste a matte one so that the display glares less in the sun, plus fingerprints are not visible on the matte film. The PET mirror film has a shiny reflective surface that works like a mirror when the screen is off.

There is also an anti-spyware film: it reduces the viewing angles of the screen so that the person next to you does not see what you are writing, reading, or watching. However, what else can you try?

Glass Screen Protector

Glass protects the screen from scratches and bumps perfectly. At the same time, it does not peel off or bubble during installation. Tempered glass is subjected to various thermal and chemical treatments that increase its strength. Once glued, the glass protector can last your gadget a lifetime.

Before installing such a coating, it is necessary to decrease the screen. Please remember that glasses usually have an oleophobic coating, meaning there will be fewer fingerprints on the screen. By the way, you can install glass protection with a mirror, and even an “antispyware” effect.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Protector

It is a high-quality screen protector with scratch resistance, elasticity, and increased intensity. TPU film is an elastic material; it also has a self-healing ability, which can absorb a certain amount of impact energy and retain all or most of its original structure. It will provide better protection against bumps and other damage.

Hydrogel screen protector

How can you choose a screen protector and why should you try hydrogel? The crucial feature of a hydrogel film is the ability to self-heal. Small scratches disappear from the surface, it is enough to wipe the damaged site. Hydrogel has several other advantages:

  • Fingerprints are not left on the film.
  • Hydrogel protection doesn’t slide.
  • It doesn’t shine in the light.
  • This cover has a high level of transparency and does not distort the image.
  • It can be used to hide minor damage to the smartphone screen.
  • Gluing a hydrogel film without air bubbles is much easier and faster than glass.

Anti-glare film

The protective anti-glare film is an indispensable helper for your phone. This film is specially designed for smartphones and provides reliable protection of the screen from scratches, dust, and bumps. A special coating eliminates any glare and ensures comfortable use even in sunlight. Shockproof technology guarantees additional protection in the event of a fall, helping to prevent damage to your mobile.