Concern for Britney as she invites several men to her house after swipe at pal

Britney Spears fans have expressed their concern for her after she posted about enjoying a wild night in.

The pop star, 41, who split from her husband Sam Asghari last week, took to her Instagram account to share a series of snaps of her partying with pals – after accusing another friend of calling the paparazzi on her.

“When you go to meet up with a so called “friend” and drive an hour for chicken,” Britney wrote in the caption: “then you have to wait in the car and need to use the bathroom.”

Britney said she “knew paps were tipped off” by her pal as she was driving a car that had never been “used before”, as she questioned, “so how was I followed??”

But a defiant Brit was determined not to let the nasty run in but a dampener on her night, as she added: “so what does a b***h like me do? !!??! I put my green dress on and show up at my friends !!! I invited my fav boys over and PLAYED ALL NIGHT !!!”

Britney donned a skintight shimmery green mini dress and knee-high cream boots as she messed around with friends in her living room and by the pool.

Despite the fact that the Hit Me Baby One More Time! appeared to be in good spirits in the clips, which showed her being carried by a group of topless men and another pal getting on his knees to seemingly smell her leg, the post worried some fans.

“I feel very sad and conflicted watching this all play out on social media,” one fan taking to X, previously known as Twitter, wrote, while another added: “someone take that camera phone away from Britney Spears.”

Others even called for the return of the controversial conservatorship, which saw Britney’s personal and financial affairs managed by her father Jamie from 2008 to 2021.

“Britney Spears needed the conservatorship and I’ve always stood behind it,” one fan said, explaining that they believe someone needs to “step in and help” yet again.

However, fans also rallied around the star and insisted that she shouldn’t face criticism for “living her best life.”

“I love that she’s unapologetically living her best life, it’s admirable,” one fan said under the pic, while another simply wrote: “good for her!”

A third joked that Sam would be “watching furious” as she looked “so stunning.”

Britney’s devoted supporters also attacked those who claimed she needed more support, saying that she was proving that she’s “not all alone” by posting the pics and that she “can’t win no matter what.”

The singer has been very active on social media since the split hid the headlines, after admitting that she was feeling “a little shocked” that her marriage was over.

Britney added that she “couldn’t take the pain anymore” before explaining that it’s “nobody’s business” and saying that she didn’t feel like she needed to go into detail.

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