Daily Fail columnist whines about Prince Harry ‘talking about himself’ in HoI

It’s so insidious and despicable to watch the British media and the Windsors try to hijack Heart of Invictus. It’s clear that Kensington Palace went on a briefing spree this week as soon as HoI came out, and there’s an outsized focus on claiming that Prince Harry “trashed his family” or that the whole series is somehow about Harry or about the Windsors. The Daily Fail’s columnists are desperately trying to convince their readership of that, and it’s utterly bewildering. Literally, all anyone has to do is watch the series to see that the Mail is full of lies and that HoI is incredibly inspirational and the series centers the veterans’ stories. Instead of simply praising Harry’s decade of work with Invictus, the British media is clinging to the lie that the whole show is about Harry “whining.” Well, let’s talk about this Eden Confidential column: “Prince Harry’s decision to talk about himself – again – instead of brave wounded servicemen has left me with a bitter taste.”

Prince Harry’s decision to air yet more personal grievances on a new Netflix documentary about injured servicemen leaves ‘a bitter taste in the mouth’ according to Daily Mail Diary Editor, Richard Eden. Writing in his latest Palace Confidential newsletter, Eden praises the work of the Invictus Games – a multi-sport event established by the prince in 2014 – but is critical of Harry’s decision to turn the spotlight back on his own problems.

‘The Invictus Games are one of the Duke of Sussex’s lasting achievements, helping to provide injured former servicemen and women with a fresh focus and challenge, as well as creating new friendships and support networks,’ he writes.

‘So his new documentary series for Netflix, Heart of Invictus, gave Prince Harry the opportunity to tell some of the inspiring stories of the competitors from around the world. Sadly, from what I have seen of the series, which was released by the American streaming giant on Wednesday, Harry couldn’t resist using this priceless opportunity to talk about himself, again.’

In comments that have been widely seen as yet another swipe at the Royal Family, the prince tells the documentary makers that he did not have a support network around him and that Princess Diana’s death was ‘never discussed’. Eden concludes that, while Harry has made similar comments before, ‘to do so in a television programme that is supposed to be about the brave, inspiring competitors in the Invictus Games leaves a bitter taste.’

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Again, if you watch the series, you can see for yourself how the veterans’ stories are framed and how Harry speaks about his backstory to explain how he put Invictus together and why he’s so passionate about helping wounded warriors. One of the biggest goals of the series is to encourage veterans to speak about their trauma, pain and mental health. Harry uses his own story to lead by example. Harry is trying to end veteran suicide. The Mail is trying to smear a veteran and tell every veteran that they can’t and shouldn’t speak about their trauma and mental health. That’s where we are now.

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