'Extreme Weight Loss' Star Brandi Mallory 911 Caller, 'I Don't Do Dead People'

The guy who called 911 to report finding “Extreme Weight Loss” star Brandi Mallory in her car, told dispatchers he was keeping his distance … ’cause he doesn’t mess with dead folks.

TMZ obtained audio of the 911 call and you hear the dispatcher ask the caller if he’s with Brandi … prompting him to quickly reply, “Nooo, she’s in her car. I don’t do dead people.”

The audio also includes the caller, who owns a nearby deli, describing Brandi as being motionless and unresponsive in her car, which was in the parking lot of a strip mall where he runs his biz.

TMZ broke the story … cops say Brandi was last seen alive Nov. 8 when she parked her car, went into a Chipotle to grab food, and then returned to her car and never drove off or exited the vehicle.

Brandi Mallory

The deli owner told cops he realized something was off after noticing Brandi’s car sitting in the parking lot for hours on end … and that’s when he checked on her and decided to dial 911.

Authorities have not determined Brandi’s cause of death yet. However, we should note there’s no evidence her Chipotle meal had anything to do with it, and cops have said there’s no sign of foul play.

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