Inside Gemma Owen’s very lavish Christmas plans with dad Michael as they reveal traditional itinerary

Christmas is just around the corner, and for Love Island star Gemma Owen, it'll be a traditional one with family and friends this year.

The star's former footballer dad Michael, who recently gushed over his 'bulletproof' daughter', has detailed their yearly Christmas plans, explaining that the family are homebirds when it comes to the festive season – preparing to enjoy it in their North Wales mansion.

Talking about the big day, the sportsman revealed: "We are pretty regimental about Christmas. So Christmas is family time. I don't ever want to go away for Christmas.

"I don't mind New Year or other times, but Christmas I'm quite traditional. So I'm thinking log fires and Christmas dinners and family altogether. I actually love the build up to it. I'm a very Christmassy person. We are very lucky. We have a nice big dining room where we can host people," he told The Mirror.

It'll be a full house, too, with cousins and siblings all gathering around to celebrate. But when it comes to cooking, Michael admits none of the family will be going near the kitchen.

"So I have all my brothers, sisters, parents, Louise's brother, parents and all their children. So we host anything from 25 to 30 people for Christmas dinner every year, which is a lovely thing to be able to do. Do I get stuck in with the cooking? Absolutely not. It's the one extravagance, I think it's the best investment of the year, and that is to get a chef, the caterers.

Michael, who also shares children James Michael, Emily May and Jessica with wife Louise Bonsall, explained: "We used to do 'mum, you're doing the starters' and 'mother-in-law you're doing the mains', and by the end of it, you have Christmas dinner, you set out places for 30 people and there's only about 5 people there because everybody is rushing around. It' just pointless.

"So I said 'right, we are going to get caterers', and it's the best money I spend every single year is to get a few people in to come and cook. It's about family, and meeting and talking, playing games and everything else. I just found that when we had these responsibilities, we did everything but that."

Gemma, who appeared on Love Island in 2022, appears to be spending Christmas as a single lady, following her alleged 'secret' split from Prince Naseem Hamed’s boxer son Aadam.

She went 'Instagram Official' with the boxer earlier this autumn, but the romance appears to have fizzled out, as she told The Sun last week: ""I am absolutely single, I'm not dating anyone," Gemma responded to quizzing over her relationship status. "I'm not in a relationship.

"Just living my best life, on my own," she added.

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