Irving: King Charles is ‘very jealous’ of William & Kate’s thunder-stealing

One of the funniest royal stories of the year was the Princess of Wales stealing the king and queen’s thunder at the Chelsea Flower Show in May. Kate showed up unannounced on Media Day, had multiracial children bused in, she staged a picnic and she wore one of her most ragged hairpieces. She ended up getting on the cover of all of the newspapers, so much so that most people didn’t even realize that King Charles and Camilla also attended the Chelsea Flower Show on the very same day, and barely anyone took their photo. The king and queen were FURIOUS. Soon after, Carole Middleton got outed as a massive fraud and I still believe those two things are connected. Charles found other ways of punishing Kate for her big flower-show stunt too. Then, not even a month later, Prince William stepped all over his father’s big “first Trooping the Colour as king” story by giving interviews about how he (Peg) was going to end homelessness. My point is that Will and Kate have spent the past year making asses out of themselves and Charles can’t stand it and he’s jealous of how much attention they get. Royal commentator Clive Irving said the exact same thing:

King Charles is “very jealous” of Prince William and Princess Kate “stealing his limelight” but has reached a compromise with his son and daughter-in-law, one royal author has claimed. The frank assessment of Charles’ rule comes five months after he was crowned King at Westminster Abbey. The historic day raised profound questions over what his reign would look like and how it would compare to his mothers.

But it also raised questions over the role William – the future king – and his wife Kate would play under his reign. The uncomfortable reality is that the king-in-waiting is stealing some of the incumbent’s thunder, opines Clive Irving, author of The Last Queen and royal columnist at The Daily Beast.

He explained: “There’s a great deal of feeling that William understands the mood and the reality on the ground far more than Charles ever will.”

The King has come up with a workaround, however – one that acknowledges the Waleses’ popularity while retaining a controlling stake, claims the royal author. Mr Irving explained: “They worked out a kind of accommodation of how much limelight each is going to be allowed, because Charles is always very jealous of of other people stealing his limelight. He’s worked out a deal now, whereby William and Kate can have an allotted percentage of the limelight.”

According to the royal author, it’s unclear the exact percentage but “maybe 40 percent [for the Waleses’] and he keeps 60 percent. That seems to be the working arrangement”.

[From The Daily Express]

LOL, I wonder if this was the big Balmoral Summit back in August. Charles sitting down with Dumb & Lazy and whining about how they’re getting too much attention. I wonder if Will & Kate’s big CEO search is part of this too – it feels like KP will ramp up their staffing, and some of the reorganization should be for coordinating with Buckingham Palace. Now, will it work out that way? Probably not. Because William has paid enough people to say that he would be a better king than his father, and that Charles is stepping all over Peg’s popularity. Charles clocked that long ago and he’s keeping tabs on it. I’m actually rooting for Charles in this very limited situation – I hope he finds fun new ways to keep Will and Kate in line. But you also have to remember that Charles is weak and he hates confrontation, so it’s far more likely that Camilla will be the one tasked with kneecapping them.

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