Machine Gun Kelly Blasts Criticism Of His Viral Awkward Interview

Machine Gun Kelly may have come across as awkward in a now viral interview, but he’s seemingly now attributing it to anxiety?

You may have seen a clip circulating the web of MGK at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo over the weekend, where Formula One driver and Sky Sports reporter Martin Brundle approached him for an impromptu interview — but it definitely didn’t end up being the traditional question and answer type thing…

Things got off to an odd start after Martin welcomed the Wild Boy singer to the event, to which MGK responded:

“I have no idea what you said but thank you.”

Awkward! At least he was polite?? LOLz!

The reporter then asked the rapper, whose real name is Colson Baker, about his career (as he was fidgeting with his lapel) but got another odd response:

“I don’t think about my career, I don’t think about it.”

He then responded to a question about F1, explaining:

“Business is great. It’s loud, your life is on the line, that’s exciting. I was in the studio the other week, Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio, that was nice. Yeah.”

He then played air guitar and tried to get Martin to play air piano — but the reporter declined as he had other interviews to conduct. That prompted Megan Fox’s boyfriend to give cameras a thumbs down as he walked away. Ch-ch-check out the whole interaction (below):

Netizens quickly began analyzing the interview, questioning the way MGK carried himself — to the point where the singer took to X (Twitter) to slam the criticism. He responded to someone who posted the clip, asking:

“and u posted this pointless video why?”

Then to another critic, he wrote:

“my vibe is ‘the worst’ how? because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when i was just trying to enjoy an event? because car engines were so loud i couldnt hear him? please tell me more about why im the worst.”

Then, instead of trying to explain the circumstances, he just gave up and reminded fans he struggles with anxiety. He posted:

“my anxiety has won. i hate being in public.”


Oof, poor guy. We know anxiety has been a consistent struggle for him. Does all this change your perspective on the interview?? Let us know in the comments down below.

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