Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson rushes baby son to hospital and issues warning to other parents

Made in Chelsea star Tiffany Watson has revealed that she ended up in the Children's Emergency Department with her baby son Jude last night.

The 30 year old said they spent the night in the hospital, but thankfully are home now and having lots of "cuddles."

As a result of the scary hospital dash, Tiffany said that she is "running on empty," but she isn't thinking about that while her little one is poorly.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "Sadly we ended up here last night. Jude is not very well but we are back home now & having lots of cuddles.

"It’s so hard seeing your baby in pain and sad. I also am running on empty but you literally don’t even think about yourself when it comes to your babies health. Winter season has well and truly hit."

She also shared a warning to other parents as she re-shared a post reading: "It’s RSV season and this is your friendly reminder, to NOT KISS babies & toddlers on the hands or faces if they aren’t your child. Even if you are immediate family. This is not about you. This is about protecting children from becoming seriously sick."

Underneath, Tiffany issued a warning to other parents as she wrote: "A reminder of this. When people look at you like you’re being ott or “it’s good for their immune system” I used to be the same pre having him & now I get it and seeing other babies seriously sick in a and e last night was a huge wake up call to me.

"I don’t care if I offend people anymore his health is priority & if people can’t respect your rules for your baby."

The star announced the birth of her first child in June as she shared a selection of snaps to Instagram and penned: "Jude Maximus McGeehan born 21/06/23. We love you so much" with a heart emoji.

She recently candidly opened up about motherhood four months after giving birth, and the changes that have come with it, including a different shoe size and being "constantly needed".

Talking about motherhood, Tiff spoke exclusively to OK! and said: "I think you never really know what to expect, so it was quite a shock but it's been amazing.

"I think you question yourself every day, am I doing the right thing and things like that but he's a very happy baby."

Tiff went on to share: "I was anxious when I was pregnant but I ate what I wanted, I wasn't restricted with food or anything and I think I was quite big, but everyone's different.

"I mean my wedding rings still don't fit which is very annoying and I'm a different shoe size now, which is apparently a thing.

"I'm now a size five and not a size four, so I'm like great all the shoes I have. "

Tiff added she didn't realise this until she Googled it and gave a word of warning to other expectant mothers as she said: "Don't buy any nice shoes."

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