MAFS star admits ‘it was hard’ to see bride in tears over sudden mind change

Sex therapist Charlene Douglas has revealed one particularly “hard” situation she witnessed whilst working on Channel 4’s Married at First Sight.

Speaking to about working with Balance Activ the Big Vagina Report, which explores the complicated relationships women have with their vaginas and aims to destigmatise talking about women’s sexual health, Charlene spoke about her time on the popular series.

Charlene, who provides couples with expert advice about sex and intimacy, opened up about the hardest challenges she faced on the show.

“I think anything where, you know, people are crying… As much as I’m a therapist, I’m a human being too and I’m empathetic,” she explained. “So when I see that someone’s really upset… 

“Last year Chanita was really upset because Jordan sort of changed his mind further down the line about being together.

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“Just seeing how upset she was… That was hard,” Charlene admitted. 

Chanita Stephenson was a beloved bride on Married at First Sight UK 2022, with viewers hoping that she had found her soulmate in Jordan Emmett-Connelly.

However, it was later revealed that the pair stopped speaking to each other once filming ended.

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MAFS' Chanita reveals how they keep relationships secret

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The cracks in the relationship became clear when the Christmas reunion rolled around, which Chanita has since admitted “really messed” with her mental health and “put me in a really dark place”.

Charlene went on to describe the coupe that presented the toughest challenge for her last year. 

She recalled: “I think the biggest challenge… I think it’s always the case when you want to do the right thing. 

“So I think the Matt and Whitney story last year was probably one of my biggest challenges because we wanted to do right by everyone. 

“But we also acknowledged that the decision that we came to was going to ruffle feathers,” she continued.

“And it did, of course – not just within our couples but in the wider world as well. We received DMs and tweets where people weren’t very happy with the decisions that we made and, of course, you can’t please everyone. 

“So I think in terms of challenges, that was the hardest for me,” she added.

Last year, MAFS star Whitney Hughes admitted she “regrets” her short-lived romance with fellow participant Matt Murray.

The pair were partnered with other people during the show, with Whitney paired up with Duka Cavalli and Matt with Gemma Rose.

However, they both abandoned these pairings in pursuit of a new connection, but later parted ways after the series aired. 

Charlene Douglas has been working with Balance Activ on the Big Vagina Report, the biggest dive into women’s intimate health, which explores the tricky relationships women have with their vaginas.

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