NBA's Chance Comanche Confessed To Strangling Woman, Burying Body, Cops Say

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Chance Comanche — the NBA G Leaguer arrested for his alleged role in the murder of a woman earlier this month — confessed to cops that he strangled the female before burying her body in a Nevada desert … this according to new court documents.

In the docs, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigators say through a series of interviews … they learned that Comanche and his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Sakari Harnden, played a role in the disappearance of Marayna Rodgers — and when they spoke to the basketball player about it all … he fessed up to killing her.

Officials say Comanche had arrived in Las Vegas to participate in a G League game with his team, the Stockton Kings, on Dec. 4 — but developed a plan with Harnden to kill Rodgers a short time later due to an apparent dispute the women had gotten into previously.

chance comanche

In the docs, officers claim Comanche told them he and Harnden had lured Rodgers out on Dec. 6 with the promise that they’d pay her for sexual acts.

Cops say Comanche told them they got Rodgers into a car — and after picking up a bottle of booze from a nearby liquor store, they made it seem like they’d have intercourse with her inside of the ride.

NBA G Leaguer Chance Comanche Suspected Of Murdering Woman, Dumping Her In Desert

NBA G Leaguer Chance Comanche Suspected Of Murdering Woman, Dumping Her In Desert

However, according to the docs, Comanche told cops he pulled out an HDMI cord and strangled Rodgers for around 10 seconds. He allegedly let go — though cops say he told them Harnden continued to choke her — until she became unresponsive.

Officials say Comanche told them that once they believed Rodgers was dead — they dumped her body in a ditch and then buried it with rocks.

Comanche was arrested in the case on Dec. 15 while he was practicing for the Kings. He was initially booked on a kidnapping charge, though officials later said he’d be formally charged with murder.

The 27-year-old, 6-foot-10 center — who’s played in one NBA game in his career — showed up in court in Sacramento County on Tuesday and appeared stoic — before he waived his extradition. It’s expected he’ll now be transported to Vegas in the coming days.

As for Harnden, she was arrested on Dec. 13 in Vegas and officials say she’s facing a murder charge as well.

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