Shannen Doherty shares defiant cryptic Instagram post after cancer health update

California: Wild horses rounded up in Devil’s Garden

Brave Shannen Doherty continues to battle cancer as she shared a cryptic post possibly symbolizing her health journey.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star took to Instagram on Monday to share a rather inspiring video, which was posted by an account campaigning to free wild horses.

The brief clip shows contractors trying to capture wild horses roaming in The Devil’s Garden, California.

However, the “defiant” stallion escapes the contractors’ multiple attempts to capture him.

Under the clip, the account wrote a lengthy caption to further explain what was happening in the video – while also praising the “resilient herd”.

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“Those familiar with this particular herd understand their resilience, which is shaped by their upbringing in the challenging environment of Devil’s Garden,” the caption began.

“The name itself pays tribute to the harshness of the landscape and life on the range.

“These horses are typically in excellent physical condition, highly intelligent, and bear the marks of their battles,” it continued.

Before commending the horse featured in the video: “This Bay stallion, like others before him, displayed remarkable determination throughout the ordeal. It’s heartbreaking that he was ultimately captured.”

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A post shared by American Wild Horse Campaign (@freewildhorses)

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The touching caption likely caught Shannen’s attention as the stallion’s triumphant battle against the contractors shows a stark resemblance with her ongoing battle with stage four cancer.

Shannen was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, where she underwent a mastectomy and received chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The Hollywood actress then announced in 2017 she was in remission, but said in 2020 that the disease had progressed to stage four breast cancer.

Sadly her battle became even more challenging when she revealed her cancer had spread to her brain earlier this year.

Despite her devastating diagnosis, Shannen has remained positive, regularly sharing health updates with her fans and followers on social media.

The 52-year-old star recently received a standing ovation for her latest check-in with fans when she and her Beverly Hills, 90210 cast mates reunited for 90s Con In Tampa, Florida over this weekend.

At the event, Shannen, who played Brenda Walsh in the hit series, discussed the fact she has to “fight for my life every day,” since her diagnosis.

Met with a standing ovation from the crowd, as an emotional Shannen exclaimed: “Thank you so much,” before joking “You guys know how much I love crying constantly. And I do, it seems. So, thank you,” according to People.

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