1 in 5 Brits would rather have greasy fast food than traditional wedding meal, survey finds | The Sun

ONE in five Brits would prefer McDonald’s or KFC at a wedding reception over traditional meals, a ­survey found.

And the number who want fried comfort food rises to two in five among Generation Z.

The findings come after pop star Olly Murs, 39, served McNuggets from a McDonald’s truck at his wedding party in July.

He married bodybuilder Amelia Tank, 31, in a two-day Essex ceremony coined Murs Fest.

The YouGov survey found that fast food weddings are most popular in the Midlands, where 27 per cent back them.

But four in ten Londoners panned the idea.



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A further 42 per cent across the country said they had no feelings about the prospect of a Big Mac on their wedding dinner plate, whilst 31 per cent slammed the fried chicken feast as cluckin’ mad.

Earlier this year Mc­Donald’s launched a wedding package in Indonesia worth £185.

Couples and guests can scoff 200 burgers or 200 portions of nuggets in the cut-price big day deal.

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