‘Don’t do it!’ beauty fans plead in horror as 90s trend makes an official comeback with influencers | The Sun

THE SO-CALLED noughties have been slowly creeping back into our lives for a while now, whether that's sporting disc belts or low-rise denim.

But our obsession with the '90s, which gave us Tamagotchi and Spice Girls, has now manifested in the return of another once-loved trend – thin eyebrows.

Yes, you read that correctly – the pencil-thin brows are now back, this time stronger than ever, with celebs, such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, plucking their eyebrows thinner and thinner.

"I think there's an obsession with the '90s happening, and we're seeing Gen-Z focus on this, especially on TikTok," explained bro whizz, Joey Healy, in an interview with In Style.

According to experts, we are now shifting from the bushy and dark look pioneered by Cara Delevigne and moving into the new year with the rather ''controversial'' look.

However, while some cannot wait to sport the trend quick enough, there is a reason why many will do everything in their power to steer clear of it.

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This is because overplucking caused a lot of damage across the world, with beauty lovers claiming their brows are sill recovering from the '90s.

Unlike dyeing your hair or trying out new make-up trends – which again will see the resurgence of noughties-inspired looks – thin eyebrows is not something you can easily fix back.

However, while we're still recovering from the overplucking days, the experts insisted we've learnt from our mistakes and this time it will not be a ''complete repeat'' of the infamous look.

Instead, we'll be aiming for a ''sculpted, sleek'' look which also ''incorporates brow lamination, the biggest trend of the past couple of years'', noted Sandra Saenz, a professional make-up artist.

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"With the current thin brow, you can still expect to see a bit of density throughout.

''Gone are the days of thinning the brows and leaving them sparse and almost invisible,'' fellow whizz Jared Bailey added.

But whether the beauty pros swear by it or not, the reaction online has been pretty clear – and not everyone will be jumping on the train back to the '90s.

Many raced to warn others about their past mistakes, the consequences of which they're still dealing with.

''Don’t pluck them out. I did that in the 90s and mine never grew back so I have very thin eyebrows,'' wrote one TikTok user.

Another shared the same experience, writing: ''Mine's never grown back since 90s!''

''As someone who lived through the trend before, don’t pluck, they will not recover. Just shave them into shape,'' someone else advised.

''This is giving me PTSD of growing up in the 90s/00s,'' chime din a fellow beauty lover who had been left traumatised.

''I love thin eyebrows,'' hit back a style enthusiast who couldn't wait to pluck their brows.

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