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SHE’S one of the most stylish women to grace Loose Women’s panel and has now revealed her top beauty secret. 

Girl band alumni Frankie Bridge took to Instagram to share a tutorial on how she gets a fuller pout without any filler. 

The 34-year-old’s beauty secret just requires a lip liner and lipstick – something you can pick up for as cheap as £2 in Savers. 

“I thought I’d give you a little lip tutorial,” the Saturdays singer told fans. “I’ve done half of my lip already.

“This is where I overdraw a little bit.

“It’s just a really nice way of making your lips look fuller without actually putting in any filler.”

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Frankie’s current lippy obsession is Charlotte Tilbury’s flagship Pillow Talk. 

“It’s just one of those colours that just seems to work on everybody,” she said. 

The Loose Women panellist preps her lips for make-up by applying lip balm. This creates a moisturised and smooth base for your lipstick to glide over. 

She added that she occasionally puts concealer over her lips before lipstick to “tone the colour down”. 

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Using a sharp lip pencil, Frankie draws over her lip line in feathered, short strokes. She takes the markings above the actual outline of her lips to plump her pout, 

She does the same on the bottom lip, patting the freshly drawn lipliner with her fingers if it is too sharp in places. 

Frankie then colours in her lips with the pencil to “make the colour a bit richer” – a technique popularised by make-up mogul Kylie Jenner. 

Her final step is to glaze over her pout with lipstick. 

If you want to recreate Frankie’s look product-for-product, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is £27 a pop.

It comes in the Original nude pink, a matte berry Medium shade and an Intense berry-rose pink hue with a satin finish. 

The matching Lip Cheat liner pencil costs £21 and is available in all three Pillow Talk variations too. 

Fans of Frankie flocked to the comments of her video to praise it as “the best lip combo ever”. 

“The most relatable ‘influencer’,” one penned. “Thanks for the tip, both of these are in my make-up bag!”

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