I couldn’t snooze until I tried the ‘Scandinavian sleep method’ – it’s really simple and you won’t wake up at 4am again | The Sun

STRUGGLING to get a good night's rest when sharing the bed with your loved one? Then the Scandinavian sleep method might be the solution for you.

Whilst sleeping in the same bed is common around the world as it gives couples intimacy, it can also oftentimes lead to fighting over duvets – and in turn, poor sleep.

If this sounds a bit like your nights, keep on reading, as there might be a solution to prevent a sleep divorce and spending the night sleeping seperately.

The hack, the so-called Scandinavian sleep method, is a sleeping style made popular by the Nordic countries, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

How does the Scandinavian sleep method work? 

According to Sleep Foundation, couples practicing this method share a bed but sleep under their own single-sized duvets as an alternative to a larger one.

Not only is this believed to prevent duvet-related fights and sleep disruptions, but each person can also regulate their temperature at night.


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As body temperatures tend to differ, some people are more sensitive to heat or cold than others – and this means each individual has different temperature needs while sleeping.

During sleep, many of us will have noticed by now, you will also adjust the blanket and sleeping position, the sleep pros went on to add.

Other pros to this method

Many couples see sharing a bed as a key part of their relationship – and the Scandinavian sleep method allows you to do so without having to fight over your side of the blanket.

What's more, research suggests that sleeping with a partner may also reduce stress levels and help you feel more calm, secure, and comfortable.

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The method is a great option for those who want try out a different co-sleeping technique and avoid forking out for two mattresses and two bedding sets.

How to make your bed true Scandi style?

As demonstrated by one woman, Erica Stolman Dowdy, you start by fitting a sheet on your bed and finding two duvets – ideally, ones that cover approximately half of the bed each.

Here, you can go according to your preferences, whether that's a more lighter set or a heavier comforter.

To ensure both duvets stay in place throughout the night, you can also to tuck them in at the foot of the bed. 

Once done, Erica, who shared the video on TikTok, completed the bed makeover with stylish cushions on top.

Raving about the trick and advising others to not sleep on it (pun intended), she wrote in the caption: ''the Scandinavian sleep method is an absolute game changer. 10/10 recommend.

''It’s seriously SO amazing!!!!'' wrote Erica, who posts under the username @ericastolmandowdy.

People in the comments were also obsessed with the method, with one writing: ''Once you sleep with two comforters…you will NEVER go back to only one!!!''

Someone else chimed in: ''Ohhh that’s such a great idea!''


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''My husband and I started off with two separate comforters. It’s the only way,'' a fellow social media user said.

''Yessss, my husband gets so hot when we sleep. Been doing this for years [sic],'' another penned.

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