I got £100 lip filler & it derailed my life – my face ended up on fire then exploded, I looked like a monster | The Sun

IT’s normal to occasionally feel jealous of other’s looks as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

For one mum though, her obsession with having the perfect pout has ruined her life – leaving her looking like a ‘monster’.

Like many women, Abigail Brown had dreamed of having fuller lips since she was small.

The Kent based hairdresser can even remember when her beauty obsession began – shortly after her younger sister Yasmin was born.

"I've had that insecurity about my lips all my life, really,” she admitted: “My sister was born with beautiful fat lips and I was born with pencil lips and massive eyes. I always looked like the oddball.”

As a young adult, she’d even spend hours over lining her lips in a bid to get the perfect pout.

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The 33-year-old joked: “I always did that Kylie Jenner thing of overlining. I've always done it, even before Kylie Jenner was born.”

After the birth of her son though, the mum struggled to get time for self-care and putting on makeup every day became ‘tedious’.

Having lost her love of cosmetics, Abigail considered getting filler to enhance her small lips and after hearing about a practitioner who charge just £100 for the injection, her mind was made up.

"Everyone gets their lips done. It's so common nowadays. I thought I'd get a little amount [of filler] – so little that no one is going to notice. Just so I don't have to do that little overline,” she explained, adding: "This is the first time I've ever had any procedure done. I'm quite natural, really.”

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However, the procedure would ultimately cost her far more.

The hairdresser admits that there were red flag as soon as she walked arrived for her August appointment – claiming that dogs were running about.

Having spent months agonising over her decision and signed the lengthy paperwork, she still decided to go ahead with 0.5ml filler injection.

Almost immediately she knew something was wrong, due to a burning sensation and a large lump that started to form less than 24 hours later.

Even antibiotics from her GP didn’t help, with Abigail’s lips swelling to the size of a ‘squash ball’.

She said: “I could look down and all I could see was my lip. It was so bad that when I went to itch my nose I'd whack my lips.”

Eventually, medics told her that her practitioner had injected the filler incorrectly and a blood vessel had become blocked.

As she waited for swelling to ease, Abigail would often awake to find her whole pillow ‘covered’ in pus and she struggled to eat – with the already slim hairdresser losing nearly two stone.

After months of steroids treatments and painkillers, her lips have become less swollen but she still has extreme redness and scaring.

Doctors have advised her to have surgery to remove the filler, but Abigail is hesitant as it could damage her existing lip tissue.

Abigail, is still struggling to come to term with what has happened, saying: “I'm just angry. Why should you [the practitioner] be living your life while I'm losing money and walking around looking like a monster? It just doesn't seem fair.”

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Despite this, she claims that she has never received an apology from the salon.

She has now hired a solicitor to help with legal action after the procedure ‘derailed’ her life.

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