I got fit in my 50s – I hadn't exercised in decades & thought it was over for me but you can teach an old dog new tricks | The Sun

A GYM rat who took a decades-long break from exercising has revealed she wants to inspire older women to get in shape.

Beginning to practice a regular workout regimen in her 50s, she said it’s never too late to start.

Exercise influencer Gabrielle Osborne (@gabrielle_osborne) aims to eradicate stereotypes that say older women aren’t strong.

After getting fit over age 50, she shared the four takeaways she learned in the process.

“Number one: It’s not too late,” she began in the clip.

“I genuinely thought it was over for me as far as fitness was concerned.”

Admitting that she hadn’t exercised properly in 10 to 20 years, she assumed she never would again.

“I thought that’s it, I could never put muscle on. I missed it and I can never get fit again.

“There’s no way I thought that now, after a couple years of getting back into swimming, that I could be matching the times I was doing as a teenager.”

Besides hitting her pace goals, she said she can lift heavier weights than before.

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“Number two: Despite what that old adage says, you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

She said at this age, she knows more than ever before.

“I’ve gained more skills in the last couple of years than the rest of my life.”

Gabrielle noted that she re-learned how to do a handstand after 35 years, re-learned how to do a clean and jerk weightlift movement, and re-learned many gymnastic moves in Crossfit.

“My point being, whether it’s horse-riding or Zumba, or taekwondo, or javelin, if it’s something you have wanted to do and you’ve written it off because you’re too old to learn how to do it, you’re not.”

The third thing she learned was that being physically fit positively impacted her mental health.

“My exercise really is the foundation of what keeps me mentally well.”

And her fourth takeaway was that it wasn’t as embarrassing as she had imagined.

“The idea that, as an older person, you’d embarrass yourself, or be awkward, or people will laugh at you. My experience has been the opposite of that.

“I’ve loved every moment of this fitness journey and the people I’ve met. Everyone’s been super supportive.”

Viewers loved her confidence and agreed with her findings.


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“Could not agree more. Ran my first marathon at 47. Your story is inspirational,” one wrote.

“Absolute legend,” praised another.

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