I lived in a college dorm with no AC in 90 degrees heat – I survived thanks to four tips and dusting is key | The Sun

IF you're moving into a college dorm with no air conditioning, there are some easy tricks to surviving the end-of-summer heat.

A former student revealed her tips for keeping cool in any accommodation.

In her video, TikTok user Emma Austin (@heyemmakay_) explained that she lived without an AC during her freshman year of college.

She told viewers: "I lived in Indiana, where in August it can be 90 degrees Fahrenheit one day or even hotter, and then it can go down and be snowing the next day."

Emma decided to invest in a box fan to cool down her dorm room.

"The reason you’ll want a box fan specifically is it’s going to take air from the outside and pull it in," the TikToker said.

"It’s going to help circulate your room air so much better," she told her followers.

She also recommended adding "a personal fan on your desk."

For her next tip, Emma shared an essential step to her fan set-up: regular dusting.

"I know that sounds super simple but I’m not joking I forgot to dust my fans and they’re disgusting, it will make you much sicker if you don’t dust your fan," she explained.

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Emma also suggested leaving your dorm room door open as much as possible.

While it can be a great way to meet your neighbors, she revealed an additional benefit.

"That way it will help air flow through the hallway when people walk through and will help get you some air in your dorm," she said.

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