I thought my new corset would look amazing because I have a pretty nice body – I just look like a stuffed sausage | The Sun

A FASHION influencer has shared her disappointment in her latest corset purchase.

She said she expected it to look amazing on her but unfortunately, looked more like a "stuffed sausage" instead.

Alex Jiggs (@alexjiggs) shared the outfit video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

The Canadian explained that she had high expectations for the purchase.

"I bought myself a corset and I thought it would look amazing because I got a pretty nice body," she said.

Unfortunately, she had to come to terms with the fact that different clothes worked for different people.

"Not every piece of clothing works with every type of body," she said.

She revealed what the corset looked like on her body โ€” although it looked great from the waist up, the tight corset squeezed her stomach into rolls, revealing her muffin top.

Alex took the hit in stride: "I feel like a sausage casing," she laughed.

Thankfully, the content creator wasn't too torn up about it: "It's just not for me and that's okay."

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People took to the comments to offer their fashion advice.

Some thought that the solution would be solved if she simply went up a size.

Others thanked her for keeping it real on social media and sharing her story.

"This made me feel a lot better about my clothing shopping endeavors, thank you," said one commenter.

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