I wore a black top to the office – the bright lights caused an awkward issue and I only saw my fatal error the next day | The Sun

A TRENDSETTER has shared the mortifying moment when she realized that she had made a faux pas at work. 

She admitted that it wasn’t until she watched her fashion vlog the next day that she noticed her mistake.

Georgia (@lifeof_georgia) has garnered over 78,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her daily outfits and life working as a marketing manager.

The Melbourne-based fashionista vlogged her entire day at the office as well as her commute.

She donned a black turtleneck with a denim maxi skirt and wore her hair in a low ponytail for a smart look.

However, she admitted that she left “cringing” when she watched the footage the next day and saw a major issue with her outfit.

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Georgia shared a clip that was taken when she was posing in the office while her co-workers were busy at their desks.

The text over the video read: “POV [point of view]: you’re watching yesterday’s work fit check and only now realize you wore a see-through top into the office.”

The bright office lights made her black bra visible underneath the sheer material of her top.

She admitted the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction had “unlocked” a new fear.

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The video went viral with over 2 million views and thousands of likes as people took to the comment section revealing they’ve had similar mishaps.

Many viewers tried to reassure Georgia that the problem was “barely noticeable” as they tried to ease her worries.

Others suggested that a nude bra may have been less visible underneath the top.

One person wrote: “This always happens to me.

"I don’t get ready with any lights on and I get to work and notice it’s see-through.”

Another commented: “Happened to me before but it wasn’t the shirt, it was the pants.”

A third chimed in: “Happened to me. I didn’t realize until I was in the sun and a passerby told me … the embarrassment [crying].”

A fourth said: “At least it’s a black bra and not like a bright neon green one [laughing] or worse not wearing one.”

Another added: “Happened to me too – I had to talk to my boss with my arms folded across my chest the whole time [laughing].”

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