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DRAB passport photos are a thing of the past as a beauty expert has shared her top tips on how to get the perfect shot. 

Unfortunately, the government is quite strict on what you can and can’t do for a passport photo, which can last for 10 years. 

The picture must be clear and in focus, in colour and unedited by any kind of computer software (including filters). 

You must face forwards and look straight at the camera, you must have your hair out of your eyes… and most notably, you’re not allowed to smile. 

This last rule is what gets to most people, but luckily make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis knows exactly what you need to do to bring life into your passport photo. 

While you may usually wear highlighter, shimmery eyeshadow and a glowy foundation – this is the “only instance” where they are “the enemy”.

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She told Condé Nast Traveller: “While highlighters and shimmers should be avoided, brightening powders, especially under the eyes, are great for cheating good lighting.”

Lan added that you should also avoid wearing sunscreen for the photo as the glow it gives you doesn’t mix well with the flash of the camera. 

Though highlighter might not be your friend, blush certainly is. 

With the brightness of the photo booth camera, you’re going to want to go a little heavier when applying a bit of “soft cream blush” to bring back some life to your face. 

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“Enhance lips with a stain or tinted balm that matches the natural tone of the lips for definition that doesn’t look obviously make-up-y,” Lan shared. 

You should also use a kohl eyeliner inside the top waterline before applying some black mascara to bring some definition to your eyes. 

Lan warned people not to go heavy with the brows, however, as she explained it’s better to sweep over them with a gel rather than use pencils or shadows.

And when it comes to sitting in the photo booth to get the perfect shot, there are a few things you can do to look bright and awake. 

Photographer Charisse Kenion said an easy trick is to place a piece of white card on your lap to reflect “a bit of light up under the chin and illuminate the face”. 

You should also take inspiration from Tyra Banks and smize your way through the snap instead of smiling. 

The model coined the term back in 2009, explaining that it’s the act of smiling with your eyes. 

Do you have any tips for taking the perfect passport photo? 

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