I'm a beauty fan and I've found a new perfume dupe that's £62 cheaper than an iconic Gucci scent – you'll smell so sexy | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed she has found a new perfume dupe for ultra-luxe Gucci Rush.

So if you want to smell fresh while on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. 

With Christmas just around the corner and buying for the average beauty fan difficult at best, this dupe won't break the bank while hitting all the key fragrance marks.

Gucci Rush fans will be thrilled to know that Zara is now selling a much more affordable version, which smells just as good as the original.

A beauty fan took to social media to show off the dupe perfume, as she wrote: “New perfume dupe alert from Zara.”

The fragrance fan then showed off her new bottle of Zara’s Black Dart perfume and added: “My new Zara perfume dupe.”

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The high-street shopper described the dupe as a floral scent, as she continued: “That girl perfume alert.”

Not only this, but she also explained that the cheap buy, which you can nab for just £12.99, “smells so rich, sexy and seductive.” 

Zara described the eau de parfum as “seductive and ultra-feminine, an opulent floral aura heightened with a sophisticated chypre signature.”

So if you want to turn heads with your scent, this could just be the thing for you.

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And if you are someone who wants to smell expensive, but without having to break the bank, you’ll need to add this to your Christmas list, as the Zara shopper claimed: “It's a dupe for Gucci Rush.” 

So if the thought of splashing out a staggering £75 on a designer fragrance sends shivers down your spine, you’ll want to run to your nearest Zara as quickly as you can.  

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @allfancythingsz, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 303,100 views. 

Social media users were equally as thrilled by the dupe and were eager to share their thoughts in the comments. 

One person said: “Best so far….lasts more than three/four hours.

"Worth the purchase.”

Whilst another added: “I got this – it is very similar [to Gucci Rush].” 

However, not everyone was as keen on the dupe buy.

One perfume fan claimed: "It smells like lipstick."

Meanwhile, a second chimed in: "It has a synthetic vibes to me I think – that’s just me."

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