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HANDS up if you’re always trying out new ways to keep your home clean and organised.

Now, a cleaning pro has shared her top tips, including how microfiber cloths from B&M and Home Bargains should be in everyone’s cupboards – but that your other kitchen essentials should be put in the bin. 

The professional cleaning company – aptly named The Clean Up Company – has unveiled their list – plus the reasons tea towels and sponges are so unhygienic. 

One of their owners explained that they’re continuously asked what cleaning cloths they would recommend for around the house.

After sharing that microfiber ones should be an essential, she explained it’s a particular packet you should be keeping an eye out for – of the multi-coloured variety.

She explained: “The main factor is that they’re colour coded, and it is for cross-contamination. 

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“Colour code them per room and it just works brilliantly.”

But she wasn’t stopping at just one handy hack. The cleaner went on to say: “Obviously, you’d wash them after every single use on a boil wash.

“Your best shops to buy them from are your standard B&M and Home Bargains.

“But you can get them and they come in separate colours, so we advise colour coding them on bathrooms, kitchens and so on.

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“Nobody wants to be using the same cloth they’ve used on the toilet on the kitchen worktop.” 

But The Clean Up Company, aka TikTok user @thecleanupcompany, also took the chance to say what they would avoid having around the home.

She went on to tell their 108.7k followers that she would ban the classic checked tea towels.

The Yorkshire-based woman revealed: “What we wouldn’t recommend is these tea towels in particular. 

“Although ideally we don’t like any tea towels – we would go for the muslin cloths.

“They are more versatile and wring out. We would suggest washing and drying your pots with the same cloth.

“So the muslin cloths would hundred per cent be a better alternative and they also wash brilliantly.

“Tea towels hold germs – and then you re-use them, so you could potentially use them on a dirty pot, if you’ve missed a bit, and then you go back to that same cloth.

“It’s not ideal and they’re just known for harbouring bacteria.”

Ideally we don’t like any tea towels

Other items to add to the bin alongside tea towels include the supermarket stocked tough sponges with little holes.

The Clean Up Company explained: “They serve no purpose – they are too hard to be a cloth and too soft to be a scourer. 

“Again, we’d stick to the microfibres.”

She added: “People often have sponges sitting at the side of the sinks, and that is something that is an absolute no-go – it’s not clean at all.” 

Similarly, the cleaning pro frowns on all sorts of cleaning products – from Fabulosa to Mr Muscle.

Speaking about Fabulosa, she said: “We actually call that the flavoured water of cleaning products.

“It actually serves no purpose, it has no use. It doesn’t actually do anything. We’re talking extreme cleans, to actually remove the visible dirt. 

“We can’t stand it, we just don’t like it – we are not on the bandwagon of the trend.”

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Meanwhile, she branded Mr Muscle’s oven cleaner “absolutely useless”in her opinion and said they would “never” have it in their essentials cupboard. 

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