I'm a hot mom and I don't understand why there's a stigma around it, I didn't get pregnant by reading the Bible | The Sun

A MOM is on a mission to remove any stigma that surrounds being a parent and hot at the same time.

She thinks such attitudes are outdated for the 21st century.

How, she wonders, do people think she got pregnant?

Certainly not by reading the Bible back to back, she said.

K. Fox (@fox_mamacita) is bold in her statement on her platform.

“We empower women here," she said to her 518,000 followers on TikTok.

In her post, she wanted to challenge societal pressures that dictate women stop being sensual creatures after giving birth.

Nonsence, she figured:“Yes, I’m a mom and yes, I like to shake my a**."

She could not understand why it was taboo and wanted to do her bit to question such restricting views.

“Why is there a stigma attached to women that once we become moms we aren’t allowed to have fun and feel sexy," she said.

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Seriously, she said: “We didn't get pregnant reading the Bible.”

Commenters applauded her sassy stance.

“Killing it as a queen and bad*aa mom," said one person.

There were nods of agreement from this viewer: “We shouldn’t have to disappear as persons we are just because we gave birth and now we’re only moms.”

And this person was baffled that such attitudes existed in the first place: “I’ve no idea why people think that there’s something wrong with that. They have problems."

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