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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared the £1.50 item that she swears by to banish everything from radiator rust to nail polish stains. 

Libby, who posts on social media using her firm’s handle @TheCleanUpCompany, is a pro grime-buster based in York. 

And in a recent video, she shared one of her absolute cleaning must-haves – and you can pick it up from the supermarket for just £1.50. 

The product in question is The Pink Stuff by Stardrops: a miracle paste that’s fab at busting stains, as well as having 99% natural ingredients. 

In the clip, Libby begins by telling viewers: “So we all know what this product is, it’s an absolute must-have for us, I absolutely love cleaning with this product.” 

“So,” the dirt-busting buff continues, “I’m going to go through some places it’s absolutely brilliant to use, and some places you shouldn’t use it.” 

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Her first recommendation for where it works wonders is in the bathroom – in particular, on the sink and bath if there are marks along the edge. 

“If there’s scratches on the bathtub from nail varnish or kids’ toys, this 100% always does the job,” Libby insists. 

“You don’t need to let this product sit either like most products,” she explains, because it literally works the minute you use it.” 

She also reckons it’s a stellar hack for banishing ugly-looking rust on your radiators. 

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According to Libby, the paste is “an absolutely brilliant product to get rid of rust spots”. 

She recommends using a normal sink sponge to apply the mix, because it’s “not abrasive enough to scratch surfaces, but strong enough to clean”. 

And it’s also fab to brighten up white PVC window and door frames that are looking a bit grubby. 

Again, a cheap sponge will do the job to help lift any yellowish stains without damaging the finish. 

Her final recommendation is to apply the paste with a toothbrush to the soles of dirty shoes. 

“It’s gonna remove [them] for you,” Libby insists. “They’ll be like brand new.”

But as wonderful as the cheap paste is, there are certain places in your home Libby suggests you should steer clear of using it on. 

First off is “anything with a shiny finish”, like glossy kitchen cabinetry or shiny floors. 

“Because it’s an abrasive,” the cleaning whizz explains, “it is going to scratch that surface, and it will remove the coating”.

Viewers clearly agreed with Libby’s praise, and flocked to the comments to share the tough stains that the miracle paste had managed to help them banish. 

“This was the only thing that removed the curry stain on my kitchen countertop,” one wrote. “Must have!”



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“I clean my daughters Crocs with The Pink Stuff,” another weighed in. “Always cleans them so well.”

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