I’m a style expert – why skinny jeans are the worst thing to wear if you’re self conscious about your tummy | The Sun

SKINNY jeans were the most enduring trend of the 2000s – until Gen Z waged a war on TikTok and low slung baggy jeans, cargo trousers, and bootlegged cuts make a comeback. 

The skin-tight denim is ideal for anyone who wants to show off their curves, but according to one fashion expert, ladies who are self-conscious about their tummy should not wear them. 

Stylist Miranda Holder shared her tips on TikTok, and jean alternatives. 

"The biggest styling mistakes I see on people who are apple shaped or who have a big tummy," Miranda said.

"Quite often, apple shapes have fantastic slim legs. Congratulations – that’s amazing.

"And the temptation is to put them in skinny jeans or leggings or a miniskirt even and get them out, while wearing something big and baggy on your top half."



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But doing that is making you look bigger, Miranda explained – as "sections of your body can look bigger or smaller depending on what’s on the part next to it".

"So wearing something super skinny on your legs is actually only going to make your top half appear more solid and larger," she said.

Instead, and despite it sounding "counter intuitive", she said it's more flattering for apple shapes to wear a straight legged jean or a wide-legged trouser.

"oooh interesting and guilty of doing this," one person commented on the video.

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To which Miranda replied: "Try a wider leg and see how you feel."

"Absolutely correct," another wrote.

While a third added: "This is exactly what I do! Thanks for the advice."

"thank you so much! I wear leggings most of the time, not from now on!" someone else commented.

Miranda also said for any ladies who have a tummy, or are “up and down” like she is, “elasticated waistbands are not your friend”. She suggested adding a third piece to the outfit – like a matching jacket or Kimono in the same style or pattern as the trousers. 

Another fashion whizz shared the three top styles you should avoid wearing if you have big boobs. 

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