I’m a working mom of five – trolls say my kids’ school lunch boxes are ‘careless, lazy’ and so bad I shouldn’t procreate | The Sun

A WORKING mom doesn’t have the time to craft delicious and aesthetically pleasing homemade meals for her kids.

But after one viewer criticized her boxed lunches, she admitted to being “pissed off” by the comment.

The mom-of-five (@workingmumof5) uses her TikTok to share the Somali-inspired cuisine she feeds her kids.

While she’s clearly proud of the boxed lunches she prepares for them, often sharing her prep on social media, others aren’t as fond of the meals.

In one clip, she responded to a hater who commented: “That’s not lunch? Stop being a careless and lazy mum… if you can’t give them healthy food then why did you give birth to them?”

To signal how she felt, she used an audio that said, “Can you tell me something that is going to piss me off?”

Clearly annoyed by the comment, she tried to brush it off and continued on with her ways, serving a mix of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, a date, bread, protein, and macaroons in the lunchbox.

After one commenter noted that people “find anything bad to say,” the mom said “they don’t even need a reason sometimes.”

Multiple viewers echoed the sentiment, with one saying, “Oh come on, what do they want lunch to look like,” and another, “It’s none of your business.”

Another mom hoping to give her kids the best packed meals came up with a genius hack to keep hot food warm and cold food cool.

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Parenting genius Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) explained her method in a clip.

"Freeze yogurt pouches," the mom explained.

She held up a portable yogurt tube, frozen solid and ready to go.

This keeps the yogurt cold throughout the day, but also works to cool the other food in the lunchbox.

"They act as ice packs and defrost by lunch," the mom explained.

Meanwhile, if you're trying to keep food hot, all you need is a standard thermos to use Doherty's foolproof hack.

"To keep food warm, fill a thermos with boiling water, then pour it out," she said.

Now, you can put hot food inside the thermos and trust that it will still be toasty at lunchtime.

"It stays warm longer," Doherty said.

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