I’m face-shamed for having a ‘superhero jawline’ – people taunt me constantly, I couldn’t care in the least | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at the mean trolls who insist her jawline has a ''superhero'' look.

For many, the rising TikTok sensation Ann Russel is known for her savvy cleaning hacks and advice. But now she's gone viral for another reason – her jaw.

According to the cleaning whizz, she regularly receives nasty comments about her appearance, with trolls saying her ''jawline is so superhero''.

Replying to one such cruel remark, Ann posted a video where she said: ''Every time I make a TikTok that somehow criticises some superhero […], Jordan Peterson, the Chinless Wonder or any other of those weirdos, I always get a rash of comments like this.

''They always crease me up – because the only think that they can think of to criticise is my appearance.''

It's not just the China-based social media giant where Ann has to deal with trolls – the same, she noted, is a regular occurrence on YouTube too.

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Hitting back at the meanies, Ann, who posts under the username @annrussell03 , added that none of this affected her – and she couldn't care any less.

''Why would I care? I'm not an ornament,'' she chuckled in the clip.

''I don't care what you think of me, you weird child.''

The cleaning pro went on: ''I'm perfectly allowed to have valid criticism of some of your rather strange heroes – superheroes they're definitely not.''

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Fellow fans and supporters raced to comments, where one said: ''yes Ann I'm not a ornament! I'm using that.''

Another penned: ''I assumed that was a compliment, as you have both a lovely bone structure and you ARE our superhero for cleaning and home.''


''YouTube has the worst trolls that criticize appearance. YouTube is so concerned about my weight it’s ridiculous like it directly affects them,'' a third chimed in.

''Ann you are a hero. We love your TikToks,'' a fan penned.

The guru, who's amassed more than a whopping 2.4million fans on the platform, regularly shares cleaning-related content online.

Some of her top tips and tricks include laundry drying hacks to ensure the clothes don't come out stiff, as well as a 20p trick to banish nasty limescale from your shower.

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