I'm fit in my 70s – I dress up and wear a full face of makeup to work out, I feel like a new person when I leave the gym | The Sun

VISITS to the gym are no excuse to go all sloppy and casual, according to one fitness fan in her 70s.

As far as Colleen Heidemann is concerned, appearances matter at all times.

This stylish lady always dresses up and wears a full face of makeup when she works out.

But the effort was worth it for Colleen Heidemann (@colleen_heidemann), who started modeling at 69 and is now signed to a major agency.

For her, visits to the gym are transformative: “The moment you come out of the gym and feel like a new person."

Sassy and in her 70s, this lady, who has 370,000 followers, knows how to put on a show when she goes to the gym.

She rocked a series of leisure wear usually seen on women decades younger.

Her platinum hair was styled in a funky quiff, and her face was never seen without the addition of bright red lipstick, mascara, and blusher.

In one post, she wore candy pink gym leggings and a crop top as she lifted weights, looking cool and composed.

In other videos, she went for a more dramatic gym look, wearing scarlett tights, and a bodice-like, strapless top, with arm warmers.

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Her glamor held out despite working out on the treadmill or bench press.

She's got her catwalk strut down to a T too.

“I am presently focused on practicing the walk. Be tall, be lean, be strong," she said.

"There might be something wonderful ahead and preparation is key. These legs had better be ready.”

Viewers of her videos were bowled over by Colleen, calling her "beautiful," an "inspiration," and "superwoman."

One wanted to be like her: “You are super gorgeous. I get inspired by women like [you].”

Yet another thought she was amazing: “Love  the red lipstick and your sassy style.”

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