Mum left fuming after daughter decorates her '4ft f**k all tree' with huge decorations & people are 'crying' at the fail | The Sun

DECORATING your Christmas tree is supposed to be a fun bonding experience during the festive season – but for one mum it didn't quite end that well.

Charlotte Scott, from Blackpool, left social media users in stitches after sharing a clip of her mum totally furious at the state of her ''4ft f**k all tree''.

Sitting on the sofa and looking at the freshly-decorated festive tree which was covered in disproportionally large ornaments, including massive lollies, Charlotte's mum was anything but impressed.

Close to tears, the mortified parent then demanded Charlotte removed both the tree and the decorations immediately – before taking matters in her own hands.

''Get it off that f***ing table. Look at the f***ing state,'' the mum was in total disbelief in the hilarious video.

''My house is a f***ing shambles. Sick and tired of sorting this s**t out in this house.''

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As Charlotte was in the background in hysterics, the furious mum was chucking the decorations straight into the cardboard box next to her.

After Charlotte asked what her mum thought of her creative masterpiece, she quickly shut her down by saying it looked ''diabolical''.

''It's f***ing embarrassing, I'm sorry.''

''Christmas decs going well,'' Charlotte captioned the video, which has racked up over 360k views in less than a week.

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In hysterics, hundreds raced to comments, where they said they were ''crying'' at the fail.

''I'm honestly crying watching this, this was genuinely me the other week after my husband and kids decorated the tree,'' one mum chuckled.

Someone else chimed in: ''Every Christmas my mum would let us decorate for all of two seconds before she’d take over because it wasn’t up to par.''

''I call it art,'' another raced to show support for Charlotte's decorations.

''Must admit looks like an explosion in a Willy Wonka factory,'' a TikTok fan pointed out.

Since the major disaster, Charlotte revealed they family have ditched the tiny tree for a bigger one – although the massive decorations, which she had snapped up from Home Bargains, are still there.

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