Mum-of-22 Sue Radford treats kids to over £400 in advent calendars & a huge festive brekkie but trolls call it a 'waste' | The Sun

SHE might have 22 kids, but the size of her family doesn't stop Sue Radford pulling out ALL the stops to welcome December.

From advent calendars to the return of the brood's Elf on the Shelf, Sue went all out for her kids on Friday, and even laid out an epic festive feast for them to enjoy before school.

She shared a Reel of the laden table on the family's Instagram page, and clearly spared no expense for the occasion.

Sue panned the camera around to show the huge array of advent calendars she'd splurged on for her kids – including TWO Kiehl's ones at £81.75 each.

Even the chocolate calendars were the pricey £15 Lindt ones – and there were four of those – as well as two Playmobil ones for £25 each.

There was also a Pokemon advent calendar, £22, for one of her lucky kids, as well as a cheese one, which looked to be the £10 option from Sainsbury's.

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Mum-of-22 Sue Radford decks out her home for Xmas after weeks of illness

The advent calendar stack was topped off with a £98 toy car and construction vehicles one, and two more pink ones.

In total, Sue spent over an incredible £400 on the Christmas countdowns.

She then turned the camera to show the table she'd set for the special day, complete with crackers and an elf cookie on each plate.

There were plates of chocolate pastries, blueberries, grapes, raspberries and pancakes to tuck into, as well as chocolate and normal squirty cream.

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And in the middle of the table was a huge balloon, with more balloons inside – on the front of which was written "A special elf delivery for the Radfords".

Sue had also dressed the family's elf in a cute rainbow jacket and propped him up in front of the balloon tower.

"Happy 1st December everyone!" Sue captioned the Reel.

People were quick to comment on the incredible setup, with many marvelling at how Sue had managed to get it all ready on a school morning.

"Don’t know how you do it on a school morning!" one wrote.

"Barely time to eat some cereal standing up here. Lol!"

"Happy 1st December," another added.

"Do the kids get up early to do this before school?

"Must be hectic!"

"How do you still have the energy and enthusiasm?" a third wondered.

"Their teachers must love you after a breakfast like that! Looks amazing," someone else commented.

"My kids got a chocolate calendar and they're lucky I remembered!" another laughed.

"That looks fabulous, you always make such an effort," someone else praised.

"Hope the kids love it!"

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"Love it, your children will be so excited to see all this Christmas breakfast," another added.

But not everyone was impressed with Sue's spread, with one raging: "What a waste!"

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