My 7 cheap Amazon kitchen buys keep fruit fresh longer, chop veggies faster, and make canned drinks cold in a minute | The Sun

A PRODUCT reviewer has shared seven Amazon finds for making life in the kitchen easier.

He said the items have helped him keep fruit fresh for longer as well as chop veggies faster.

Dev (@devdoesreviews) shared the product recommendations from Amazon in a video shared with over 110,000 Instagram followers.

First up was a $20 rubber fry wall that he placed into his skillet as he grilled some burgers: "It prevents oil from spitting out in your kitchen side or on your stovetop," he explained.

For those who love cold beverages but are also forgetful, a $30 Chill-o-matic device helps to chill a drink in minutes along with the help of some ice.

Dev inserted a can of soda in the machine with some ice, waiting as the can was spun around.

"You might be thinking the can's going to explode when it opens but it doesn't, don't ask me how because I don't know, but what I do know is it made it 25 degrees cooler," he said.

An $8 veggie peeler caught peels as he worked, saving him time.

To preserve his fruit and keep them fresher for longer, he shared a pack of $17 food huggers that wrapped tightly around the produce.

A $20 rubber device allowed him to create tongs out of two spoons: "They make most meals way easier to eat," he explained.

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A $130 Lazy Susan, holding up to eight dishes, allowed for easy family meals and get-togethers.

Last but not least, an $8 pair of multi-scissors, containing five blades at once, allowed Dev to cut up his vegetables with ease.

People found themselves easily influenced thanks to his demonstration video.

"Shut up and take my money! I'll take five of each!" joked one commenter.

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