My DIY hack will get rid of invasive lanternflies – it's so easy, just add a little tornado action | The Sun

SPOTTED lanternflies have spread across the majority of northeastern states.

The invasive species have inspired a "see it, smash it" mentality in most areas.

One TikTok user, who goes by Greenleafa (@greenleafa), revealed her unique method for tackling the insects.

In her video, the TikToker explained: "Iโ€™m going to show you how to get them easily."

She showed her followers a plastic bottle that was half full of lanternflies.

Using her DIY hack, she was able to catch dozens of the insects in under an hour.

"So they like this tree in my yard so just get a water bottle horizontal to them and they bounce right inside it, they jump backward," she said, demonstrating her trick.

The handy hack involved sucking up the lanternflies by squeezing the empty bottle.

Any time she missed one of the bugs, Greenleafa showed her followers as she stood on them.

She explained that people often approach the insects from behind, which causes them to fly away.

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"You want to go from the front because their eyes look backward," she advised viewers.

"Everyone please kill this invasive species," she encouraged in the caption of the video.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the pest control hack.

"The way I would need to be in a full hazmat suit before attempting this, you are so brave for this!" wrote one impressed viewer.

Another follower said: "Just holding the bottle full of them would freak me out too much."

"Iโ€™d be screaming each time, you are so brave," commented a third person.

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