My nan gave me a box of my great-great-grandma's hair – some think it's 'creepy' but I'm making it into a wreath | The Sun

WHEN you think of a gift handed down through the generations, you might think of a piece of jewellery, or a beloved ornament.

But one woman has left people stunned after revealing what she was gifted by her grandmother.

Elizabeth took to Instagram to share a video, which showed a box of what appeared to be human hair, with a tag revealing it was from 1920.

"This is my great-great grandmother's hair," Elizabeth wrote over the top of the Reel.

"My Nana has had it her whole life.

"She gave it to me last year."

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Holding it up to her own head, Elizabeth added: "It's the exact colour of mine!"

And to make the hair into something that will be treasured for generations to come, Elizabeth has decided to turn it into a "hair wreath".

"I'll use some of Nana's and Mum's and my own too," she said.

"It will be a hair loom."

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"One of my most important keepsakes," she added in the caption.

"Would you hang up something like this?"

But people in the comments section weren't too sure about the wreath, with one writing: "Disembodied hair is so freaking creepy noooo."

"Creepy as hell," another added.

"Why tf do i keep getting creepy hair content?" a third wondered.

"That's terrifying!" someone else insisted.

"Kinda disturbing, to be honest," another commented.

But others admitted they loved Elizabeth's idea of turning the hair into a wreath.

"The hair wreath with 4 generations is so crazy and cool," one wrote.

"That's so insane how it matches your own hair so perfectly," another commented.

"I didn't even realise you were holding up those bundles to your head – I thought you were grabbing your own hair!"

"Saving hair, making crafts out of it, giving it as a gift used to be common – particularly in the Victorian era," a third wrote.

"This is so sweet," someone else praised.

"I think your ancestors would be so happy you combined them. It seems fitting somehow.

"Like a satisfying end to a beautiful story. But the next gen would also add to it too.

"This is beautiful and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

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"This is so cool!" another agreed.

"My family doesn't do this kind of thing, like having something for someone who has passed away, so I want to be the one to start doing it when I have children."

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