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A WAG has opened up on the reality of being married to a professional athlete, as she claimed it is actually quite ‘exhausting’. 

So for those that think being married to a footballer is just Selfridges shopping trips and visits to the nail salon, you’ll need to listen up. 

Sharon Desilva, who is married to Daniel Desilva, an Australian professional footballer, explained not only does she have to ‘do everything’, but she also has to look after her man when he’s injured.

Whether it be supermarket runs, cooking, cleaning and walking the dog, Sharon took to social media to show ‘the side of WAG life people don’t really see.’

Opening up about a typical day in her life, while her husband is injured, she said: “This is the reality of being married to a professional athlete and a side of it that a lot of people don't really see.

“Today, Danny had to get an injection in the back of his knee for his injury.

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“He said it was one of the most painful injections.

“They take blood from his arms, spin it around in this machine, and then inject it into his knee to make it heal faster. How crazy is that technology?”

We then saw Sharon go to the supermarket and moments later she was in the kitchen cheffing up some food.

She then added: “Lately, we've been eating so many bacon and egg muffins. Well, actually, it's ham because Daniel doesn't like bacon.

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“He can't really do anything, he just has to let his leg rest, but that means I have to do everything.

“Guys, let me tell you, I'm exhausted.”

Sharon explained that as a result of her husband’s injury, she has to carry a heavy machine up and down the stairs for him.

She continued: “There's a thing called a Game Ready and I have to carry it up and down the stairs with ice and stuff. 

“It's so heavy and I'm just a little girl with small arms.”

Not only was she waiting on her man hand and foot, but she then had to take her pooch for a walk too.

She explained: “I had to take Noodle for a walk because I felt so sad, he was inside the house for a couple of days.”

As the day drew to a close, Sharon shared: “And now it was time for me to enjoy a sangria because I'm just really tired.

“But yeah, an injury is no joke. It's a long, hard process for the player, both physically and mentally, having to rebuild that strength again.

“So we're just gonna have some cocoa and not think about it just yet.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @islandgirlshaz, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed 56,300 views.

One person said: “I play football too and this injury is the worsttttt!! Hope he gets better soon! We need to see him back in the game.”

Meanwhile, another asked: “Was this after lolleys tackle ? Was it just the mcl ? PRP into the joint maybe thinks it’s meniscus as well ?? The shin dressing is confusing me..”

To this, Sharon claimed: “Yeah it was and yes mcl! He had bad cuts up his shin hence the shin dressing ahaha.”

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While a third commented: “Not the Game Ready.” 

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