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A CLEANING enthusiast has revealed how she gets rid of pesky fruit flies using a 5p trick.

Although the gloomy autumn months are lurking around the corner, the hungry little insects will still make their way into your home before the temperatures drop.

Luckily, one woman, Sam Ellison, has come to rescue by sharing an easy hack she uses to banish fruit flies with almost no effort – and it costs just pennies to do.

Offering a helping hand to those struggling with this issue, Sam took to TikTok where she revealed the ingredients necessary for the game-changer of a trick.

According to the whizz, you probably don't even need to dash to the shops, as all you will need is a bit of washing-up liquid, as well as tap water, a glass, some paper and the star of the show – a bit of fruit.

After putting in the sliced fruit into a glass – Sam used apple but said banana worked just fine too – the savvy woman covered it with a cone-shaped sheet of paper, so the flies wouldn't be able to escape.

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''Sometimes you feel like it's not catching any in ages and then suddenly the fruit will go, like, mushier,'' Sam went on, adding the scent will attract the hungry insects.

She also advised to place the funnel-like paper very close to the edges – this means ''they don't ever find the way back out''.

When ready to dispose of the flies, Sam filled a container with a bit of dishwashing liquid and topped it off with hot water, before pouring the mixture into the fly-infested glass.

''The bubbles, I find, make it so they can't escape,'' the cleaning whizz explained the thinking behind this method.

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''I leave them for a little bit so they're dead and then I'll pour it down the sink.''

The leftover fruit, meanwhile, will then be chucked into a nappy bag and placed in the outside bin, so that others flies wouldn't be attracted to buzz their way indoors.


"Who else is being driven mad by fruit flies,'' Sam wondered i the caption of the clip.

Fellow cleaning fans raced to comments where many thanked her and others shared their top solutions.

One, for instance, said: ''I use apple cider vinegar in a glass with cling film over the top with a few tiny holes, always works for me.''

Someone else chimed in: ''Use white vinegar and washing up liquid in the bottle before hand they die then you won’t need to do this.''

''Thanks for this!! They're driving me nuts,'' another penned.

''Omg!!! They’re so annoying!!!'' a fourth said.

But how to prevent fruit flies in the first place?

Well, according to one pest expert, you could accidentally be the one welcoming them into your home without even realising it – but there are ways to deter them.

''If you have fruit flies at home, chances are you've brought them in with you,'' insisted the pro, only known by the name @jpmchalepestmgmt.

Sharing his expertise, the whizz claimed his video that for the most part the issue starts with food – and certain fruit and veggies are to be blamed the most.

''In my experience the worst foods for fruit flies are bananas and onions.


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''But you can bring them in on potatoes or anything else.''

The guru went on: ''The best way to prevent getting fruit flies is to keep your food in airtight containers.''

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