Seller trying to flog unique-looking clutch bag on Depop gets caught out as shoppers claim it’s not really an accessory | The Sun

A DEPOP seller who tried to flog a car log book wallet as a clutch bag has told critics they have “too much time on their hands”.

The seller listed a Renault documents wallet on the popular auction app, categorising it as a clutch bag and claiming it was brand new. 

And while car log book wallets do tend to be made out of leather, one Depop shopper was keen to assert that it isn’t a fashion accessory – especially not at the price tag of £45.

Clutch bags are slim and flat handbags without handles or straps, which are typically worn for dressy occasions. 

But you may get some funny looks if you’re seen rocking a pouch straight out of a Renault Clio, rather than a made-for-purpose clutch bag. 

Log books are often kept in leather wallets, along with other relevant documents, in the glove compartment of a car. 

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When buying or selling any motor, the log book is necessary to complete the transaction.

Some buyers may want to have the original leather wallet to come with the log book too. 

But this Depop seller was more focused on earning £45 from their Renault wallet. 

Getting exposed on DM Drama on X/Twitter, a conversation between the seller and a challenger of her Depop listing has gone viral. 

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“You do realise this is a Renault log book wallet and not a clutch,” the disputer said. 

The seller brazenly replied, “and what?” before claiming that the critic “has too much time on their hands”. 

The disputer claimed the seller was guilty of “false advertising”. 

The post has garnered over 800k views, with the caption reading: “The Depop girlies are absolutely unhinged.”

Last month, it was revealed that Depop is set to make a big change to payments. 

The online marketplace is poised to axe PayPal as a payment method on its app, meaning you can only purchase and sell through the Depop Wallet. 

PayPal will no longer be an option for second-hand shoppers as of October 23.

Depop Payments, which hopes to streamline the selling process and is thought to be the primary system used by most users, is set to hit all app users across both the UK and the US.

Sellers will need to set up Depop Payments in their own account prior to the axing date to continue to use the app.

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