The magic phrase that stops kids throwing tantrums and is hailed by mums as ‘the greatest parenting hack of all time’ | The Sun

A MUM has been praised for her 'magic method' that instantly stops any kids' tantrums – and she can even get her daughter to get herself ready for bed.

Parents or those in childcare know just how frustrating tantrums can get – it seems that whatever you try to do, your child just won't stop crying and shouting.

If your evenings sound a bit similar – or your tot is now going through the infamous Terrible Twos, keep reading, as one mum-of-six has revealed how she tackles the drama.

The super mum, Sharon, who goes by, claimed that herhack means she can get her kid to clean up after herself, get herself ready for bedtime, as well as buckle her own seatbelt – and it's all down to the ''magic method''.

"I am a mother to six and I have just now discovered the greatest parenting hack – I call it 'the magic method','' she said in her video.

"I have convinced my toddler that she is magic.''

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The savvy parent went on to explain: ''Whenever she doesn't want to do something, we go, 'Hey, baby girl. Are you magic? I'm going to close my eyes and count to five and say the magic words and maybe you'll just magically have your pyjamas on."

Sharon said: ''One, two, three, four, five. Hocus pocus alimagocus. Oh my gosh, how did you get your pyjamas on?"

Sharon added that she has been using this technique for two years on all of her youngsters – and said it's worked like a charm in almost every situation.

Will you be giving it a go? Well, it's definitely worth trying it out, as numerous fellow parents praised the simple yet effective trick.

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One mum, for instance, said: ''We do this at dinner time a lot! They magically make their food disappear."

Another user chuckled: "Be right back – trying this on my husband maybe he’ll clean the living room."


A third TikTok fanatic penned: "I’m going to use that at my preschool job tomorrow!"

"OMG! I just burst out laughing. I'm so doing this,'' someone else chimed in.

But whilst tantrums may seem like just a phase, it's essential to deal with them properly – and according to one parenting pro, Kirsty Ketley, giving in will make your kid a brat.

The whizz, a mum-of-two herself, explained that children are more clever than adults give them credit for and will soon realise that crying and shouting – especially in public – is the quickest way of getting what they're after.

Chatting exclusively to Fabulous, the guru said: ''The biggest thing – and I know it's hard – is to remain calm.

''Take a big, deep breath […] and remain as calm as possible – because you can be more in control when you're calm.''

This, she noted, will also teach your children how to control their emotions as they grow up.

''Show them you understand why they're frustrated or upset. But just try to not relent.''

The parenting expert reminded to remember that it's mainly an age thing and children should not be punished for acting out.

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''At the end of the day, it's all to do with their emotions and feelings – that's what they are exploring and trying to make sense of.

''There's a lot going on.''

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