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FOR most people, the idea of living cooped-up in a 60ft space sounds like something of a nightmare. 

But for couple Caroline and Pete, who’ve spent the past two years living aboard a tiny narrowboat cruising the UK’s canals, it’s a dream set up.

After 10 years of living in Texas, America, the lovebirds decided to ditch both the States and bricks-and-mortar living for a life on the water. 

There’s even room aboard for their two super-cute West Highland Terriers, Poppy and Hamish! 

The duo post on social media using the handle One Day More Aboard, sharing blogs of their journeys to their 25k TikTok followers and nearly 10k YouTube subscribers. 

In the past few years, they’ve documented themselves traversing the world’s highest aqueduct in Wales, braving the snow and ice on a frosty Christmas day, and even getting grounded in Oxford Canal. 

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But while you might expect a 60ft living quarters to be rather cramped and cluttered, a tour that Caroline posted of their abode proved it’s anything but. 

In a video that’s racked up a staggering 3.8m views and 340k likes, the aquatic adventuress showed off their surprisingly glam arrangement. 

There’s a gorgeous kitchen with modern cabinetry and low-level lighting, a log fire next to a snuggly sofa, a modern bathroom with a large shower, and even a folding king-sized bed.

Their tiny home also has a large table where they can get on with video editing and the like on their laptops, and appliances like a washing machine and grill.

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According to Caroline, despite the swanky boat was around £200k, or as she puts it, “cheaper than a one-bed apartment”, adding that their “living expenses are WAY less than when we were living in a house”. 

Part of the reason the model is pretty pricey is because it has electric propulsion, which means it has a smaller, quieter engine and uses way less fuel, as well as being greener. 

The pups seem to love the lifestyle too, often appearing in the videos atop the boat staring out at the water with their tails wagging. 

Paul does the bulk of the driving, but Caroline often posts cheeky clips of her taking the lead – just to prove to followers she’s more than capable. 

And the unconventional lifestyle gives the pair the opportunity to fulfil their wanderlust and enjoy a more peaceful pace of life. 

In a clip shared on TikTok, they answered the question “What’s something you’re sick of having to explain” with “Why we sold our house to live in a narrowboat”, accompanied simply by a gorgeous shot of the tranquil water surrounded by endless countryside. 

“My heart feels better just watching,” one fan added. “Just beautiful. Well done and many happy travels.” 

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